Adele Is Almost Unrecognizable, Did She Have Plastic Surgery Done to Her Appearance?

Adele has consistently drawn attention because of her inherent beauty and powerful voice. She is accustomed to people making remarks about her looks, though. As a result, as the English singer exited the COVID restriction with a fresh appearance, speculation regarding Adele’s plastic surgery took off.

According to her interviews with Vogue, Adele lost 100 pounds. She claimed she worked out thrice daily and credited exercise for her weight loss. Although some fans were ecstatic at her remarkable change, others were dubious that there was more to the tale.

Adele’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Adele's Plastic Surgery Before After

What is the truth about Adele’s new looks? Let us find out what the professionals in the field have to say about her transformation.

Did Adele Have Fillers?

There is no doubt that Adele’s significant weight loss, which completely changed the star’s appearance, surprised many fans and famous people. The general public also questions whether she did more than just change her diet and improve her exercise regimen to get her new appearance.

Among the famous plastic surgeons who weigh in on whether the Easy on Me singer has undergone any cosmetic treatments is Dr. Ramtin Kassir. The 32-year-old woman, in the opinion of the board-certified face plastic surgeon, may have put filler on her jawline.

Dr. Kassir draws attention to Adele’s new, more defined jawline. He continues by saying that although the weight loss may have contributed to the transformation, it is so neat and tight-looking that it would not be surprising if she received additional help. Because of this, her jawline is more angular.

According to Dr. Kassir, based on the singer’s increased upper lip volume, she may have also had some lip fillers.


Did Adele Have Botox?

Adele's Plastic Surgery

According to Dr. Dave E. David, a cosmetic surgeon from Boston, Adele’s appearance has changed, and the singer may have had Botox applied to some areas of her face. Her eyebrows’ position makes it clear. The operation slightly increases the height of Adele’s eyebrows by a few millimeters, although it is subtle.

Despite being young, the singer used Botox to reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines like crow’s feet, laugh lines, and frown lines. Adele’s perfect skin gives off the impression that she may have had Botox injections in the areas between her eyebrows, on her forehead, and at the corners of her lips.

Botox injections may also help with the facial volume loss common in persons who lose a significant amount of weight. Adele most likely relied on this treatment to maintain her youthful appearance because her face appeared fresh. Also, there are no indications of drooping facial features.

Final Verdicts

Adele has not disclosed exactly how she changed her body, but the public adores her new appearance. The Grammy Award-winning singer appears stunning, and many fans concur that she exudes confidence in her appearance.

Adele’s plastic surgery might have helped her get the ideal body. Yet, since there is currently no proof of this, her rapid transformation could perhaps be the result of a change to a better lifestyle.

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