11 Famous Celebrities with Perfect Noses

These celebrities with perfect noses can be your inspiration for rhinoplasty or just makeup inspiration. Check them now!

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Famous Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Every nose shape is unique. It doesn’t act like mere accessories but rather an important piece to your face shape. However, some noses are just perfect. If you intend to do a nose job or need an idea for makeup contouring, these celebrities with perfect noses might be a good inspiration.

1. Halle Berry

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

There is a bunch of females with perfect nose shapes. However,favoriteserry seems to be one of the most favorite to imitate. Her nose shape scores as one of the highest demands in the rhinoplasty industry.

Experts say that Halle Berry’s nose shape is perfectly symmetrical. Not too round, but not too curvy other. The nose compliments the shape of her thick lips and sharp eyes, not to mention her high cheekbones.

2. Kate Middleton

Duchess Nose Shape

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been interesting to talk about. Her soft mannerism adds up to the good feature people including her nose. In fact, people call her nose shape a ‘duchess nose shape, ‘ and it is one of the most desired forms of the nose in rhinoplasty.

The title does not come from any people, but rather the experts. Some cosmetic surgeon admits that Middleton’s nose is near perfect, mathematically. The gap between the nose and other facial elements is also a good ratio.

3. Lea Michele

Celebrities With A Bulbous Nose

Many people think a bulbous nose is not attractive. However, Lea Michele proves otherwise. She is one of the celebrities with bulbous noses. A few people who share the same traits are Gisele Bundchen and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lea Michele’s round nose acts as a unique highlight of her ethnicity. It gives her a more natural and innocent look. Sometimes, Michele is seen playing around with contour and highlighter to make the nose appear glowing and neat.

4. Hailey Bieber

Perfect Nose Side Profile

The wife of superstar Justin Bieber is gorgeous from head to toe. His slim and milky brown hair accentuates her beauty, which she got from her multiethnicity descendants.

Regarding the nose, Hailey got the good genes with just a right angle of the dorsum. The tip of the nose is petite, but not in a bad way. Combined with her high cheekbone, lazy eyes, and small lips, the ratio of her face makes a perfect nose side profile.


5. Meghan Markle

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

The Duchess of Sussex may not have a Hollywood-perfect nose. Upon a slight glance, her nose is slightly pointed at the end, and the overall shape is round. Those are the characteristics many people seeking perfection may look for.

However, that is the charm of Meghan Markle’s nose. The wife of Prince England is actually rather loved with her perfectly imperfect nose. Her nose shape lets out a natural and ‘not too artificial’ vibe that many people desire.

6. Kim Tae Hyung

Most Attractive Nose Shape For Male

What about the most attractive nose shape for males? Are there any male celebrities with a perfect nose form? At first glance, K-Pop fans and non-fans might agree that Kim Tae Hyung‘s nose is very well–shaped.

The supergroup BTS member has a nose quite different from the typical Asian nose. It is high and straight but has a round, pointy end that balances each other. Many say that Kim Tae Hyung’s nose brings masculine and feminine qualities to the face.

7. Kaia Gerber

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Not everyone can have the supermodel Cindy Crawford as a mother. Though the good gene might be passed down from her to her daughter, Kaia Gerber indeed has a unique facial feature.

A good nose will boost face-framing, and Gerber’s nose is perfect for the job. She has a high job that bridges her two eyebrows symmetrically without being too much. Thus, it divides the four sides of the face equally and neatly. When combined with good makeup, Gerber’s look can be memorable.

8. Ivanka Trump

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Want a perfect nose for your face? If you want to know the formula for the perfect nose, you might want to look at Ivanka Trump’s nose. The nose of the first daughter of the US ex-president releases a cute and petite vibe. The overall appearance of her nose is thin, and it gets along pretty well with her small nose flare.

However, not many people can pull out this look, whether by rhinoplasty or makeup. Ivanka Trump’s nose shape works perfectly for her because of other characteristics of her face, such as small lips and medium eyes.

9. Sana Minatozaki

Perfect Nose Front View

Another K–Pop idol with a perfect nose front view is Sana. The Japan-born singer is a member of the famous South Korean girl group TWICE. Though the girl is a real beauty top down, her nosy points up her unique facial feature.

In Sana’s nose shape, some experts say that what makes it attractive is the ‘dainty’ look. Upon seeing her side profile, people can see how her nose is not slope-shade nor straight. Yet, it is a bit ‘bumpy’ but not too round. From the front, it gives the girl an elegant and sweet vibe.

10. Zhang Ziyi

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Zhang Ziyi is one of the legendary actresses in the film industry. She is considered one of the highest-paid in China, and she also gathers quite a lot of recognition from her roles. She also plays in several major Hollywood movies, such as The Horsemen.

Her acting skill is in high demand, and her nose is also apparently scoring the same recognition. Some surgeons admit Ziyi’s nose is one of the most sought-out for rhinoplasty. Though slim, her nose gives out a distinctive and graceful vibe for the whole appearance.

11. Natalie Portman

Celebrities with Perfect Noses

Many people believe that Natalie Portman has been through rhinoplasty, although the actress herself never admits it. Indeed, her nose was quite different then and now. But, whether she has done the modification or not, Portman’s nose surely suits her face beautifully.

At a glance, her nose might seem too insignificant, especially compared to her broad forehead. However, the imbalance is well-covered by her sensual lips and eyes. United, the components of her face complement each other, making her face likable.

One thing that should be remembered before having a rhinoplasty and imitating the nose of these celebrities with perfect noses is to understand the facial characteristic of each person. Moreover, it’s best to consult with the professional first.

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