10 Good Looking Celebrities with Ugly Partners

These ten celebrities with ugly partners are “Beauty and The Beast” in real life. Who are they? Check them here!

Celebrities with Ugly Partners

10 Celebrities Who Has Unattractive Partners

The first impression decides how the story would roll out in a romance. However, these celebrities with ugly partners manage to skip the first qualification and instantly seek something behind appearances. These are 10 of them.

1. Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith

actors With Heavy Wives


Some people like curvy bodies. When talking about actors with heavy wives, Pierce Brosnan usually comes into one’s mind. Indeed, Mrs. Smith might not have an ideal body shape by today’s beauty standard. However, they share more than 20 years of marriage happily.

The couple’s first meeting was at an event in Mexico back in 1994. They exchanged vows seven years later. With the addition of their sons, Paris and Dylan, they are now a family of four.

2. Beyonce & Jay Z

Celebrities With Average-Looking Spouses

There are many celebrities with average-looking spouses. But Beyonce & Jay Z as a couple are too powerful that people overlook the fact. Indeed, despite people’s adoration toward Beyonce’s appearance, some people think that Jay Z is not a good match for her visual-wise.

Being a world superstar, Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is constantly under prying eyes. Rumors of cheating and divorce have been circulating, and the two have no other option than to go through it. However, despite what people think, the power couple stays strong, having three children in their care.

3. Paul Wall & Crystal Wall

Rappers With Ugly Wives


Talking about rappers with ugly wives, Paul Wall is a fully-smitten one. Paul and Crystal’s first encounter was in an adjacent school, though they do not interact. However, years later, the rapper buys the CD she sells with her singing group, and their love story develops.

Over the years, the two built a happy and strong marriage. They are now parents of two children and continue to support each other. However, despite the smooth marriage, the Walls have repeatedly received backlash and racist comments about their interracial marriage.

4. Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend

Celebrities with Ugly Partners


Many people talk about Geoffrey Arend’s nerdy appearance. However, being with Christina Hendricks triggers how they do not share balance traits, visual-wise. However, the two shared a private yet happy marriage for a decade until their divorce in 2019.

They met at a party through their mutual friend, Vincent Kartheiser. Even though they start as friends, Hendricks feels enticed by Arend’s charm and taste in humor. Exes now befriend each other while raising their two dogs separately.

5. Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee-Furness

Celebs With Less Attractive Significant Others


Hugh Jackman is probably one of the most reported celebs with less attractive significant others. However, despite the allegations and insults, they continue building a long-lasting marriage.

Jackman and Deborra’s story is cute. The actor fell head over heels six weeks after their first meeting. However, the fact that Deborra had a little doubt about their age gap does not hinder their process get married. They are now a family of four and still have a passionate love for each other.

6. Florence Pugh & Zach Braff

Celebrities with Ugly Partners


Florence Pugh is a rising star in the US entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Zach Braff is an oldtimer with an age gap of 21 years apart from her. That point alone is enough for the couple to receive backlash on social media. The public says that the age gap is too far and Braff is “too old.”

Despite the insults, Pugh and Braff’s relationship is undeniably strong. They first met in 2018 as co-workers. At first, they are being private about their romantic relationship, but then they openly love each other. However, rumors of their breakup are circulating after four years of relationship.

7.  Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric

Celebrities with Ugly Partners


It is not easy to balance Adriana Lima’s appearance. The supermodel has a Brazilian facial feature that emanates a sexy vibe. So, it is understandable that some people want her to be with someone who is sexy too.

Lima and Jaric hit it off when they were still together. The two are only three years apart, and they first met through a mutual friend in 2007. Two years later, they decide to exchange vows. Through their marriage, they got two beautiful kids, Valentina and Sienna. But unfortunately, they are now divorced.

8. Katy Perry & Russel Brand

Celebrities with Ugly Partners

There is nothing better to describe Katy Perry and Russel Brand’s relationship than “two worlds colliding.” One is a famous hot singer recognized globally and has an image of a blunt and bubbly personality. Meanwhile, the other is a comedian liking rock-n-roll fashion style.

Despite the differences, the couple has continued to be together since 2019. They get married in less than a year. Unfortunately, the love story should end in 2012 when Brand asks Perry for a divorce. Instead, the brand asks for separation via text during Perry’s world tour, then receives backlash for it from the public.

9. Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson

Celebrities with Ugly Partners

Pete Davidson is not precisely what people would call “smoking hot.” However, the actor seems to have a secret key to charming many beautiful ladies. One of them is his partner since 2021, Kim Kardashian. Aside from the socialite, he also dated Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande, and Kaia Gerber.

Despite just getting out of a divorce, Kardashian has always been outspoken about who she loves. She says several times that she enjoys her current relationship and has fun and laughs. She also says that she likes how Davidson is so kind, attentive, and spontaneous.

10. Heidi Klum & Seal

Models With Ugly Partners


If there are models with ugly partners, Heidi Klum is one of them. It was Klum who admits that she was the one taking a liking to Seal right after they bumped into each other in a hotel corridor back in 2004. Interestingly, Seal also feels the same way about her.

After the ‘accidentally starstruck’ moment, Klum and Seal’s relationship develops into something more serious. In 2015, the couple married each other. Seal has three biological children from Klum and one adoptive daughter from Klum’s past marriage. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 2012.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, if many people say it at once, maybe it is true. One lesson from these stories about celebrities and their ugly partners that people can take is that a good personality often beats a mere appearance.

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