Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery: What Did She Do to Her Face?

Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are not the only Hollywood celebs who went under the knife young. Dove Cameron, a 26-year-old actress, may have gone unnoticed. To the casual onlookers, Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery may appear unconvincing.

Even that is remarkable considering how frequently plastic surgery gone horribly wrong has been seen in the industry. As a result, a lot of people drastically altered their appearance, becoming unrecognizably odd. But it seems like Cameron has the advantage in this situation.

Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dove Cameron's Plastic Surgery Before & After

Several insiders have opinions on the actress and singer’s cosmetic treatments. Here are some of them:

Nose Job

Cameron is renowned for having a tiny button nose. Her visage appeared to change after the publication of Boyfriend in February, which led some of her fans to speculate that she had plastic surgery.

In a photo taken in 2018, her nose’s apparent hump on the bridge has vanished.

Additionally, the tip of her nose has shrunk and bent downward.

Is it all a result of clever makeup applications?

According to experts, the Disney Channel star allegedly underwent multiple nose jobs to change the contour of her nose. The treatment improved her nasal tip, which is rather bulbous and upturned, and the obvious hump on her nose bridge.

Lip Fillers

In recent years, the actress from Vengeance seems to have fuller lips. Cameron had relatively tiny lips compared to Hollywood norms. Hence, it is difficult to state that this look was accomplished only with lip liners.

Instead, Cameron might have added volume to her lips with lip fillers. Additionally, lip fillers have given her facial features more symmetry and definition. Fortunately, her plump lips are modest and appear natural, which suggests that a skilled dermatologist must have given her the fillers.

Cameron may also have cheek fillers in addition to lip fillers. Her cheeks were not as defined as they are now before 2019. Cameron’s cheekbones likely receive lifting structure from cheek fillers.

Although Cameron does not need those effects in her twenties, fewer wrinkles and fine lines are benefits of the procedure.


What Else Could She Have Probably Done?

On top of rhinoplasty and injections, some plastic surgeons and eagle-eyed fans suggest that the Breakfast singer may also undergo the following procedures to enhance her look:

  • Upper Blepharoplasty: The alteration in Cameron’s eye shape serves as proof of this. Her eyes’ outer corners have started to curve upward more recently. Previously known for having large eyes, Cameron now has cat-like eyes.
  • Breast Augmentation: Although Cameron was never a small size, to begin with, there is a chance that she may have chosen to have implants to increase the size of her breasts.

Final Verdicts

Since her debut, Cameron has been known for her adorable attractiveness, which has won the hearts of millions. But based on her most recent facial makeover, the actress appears to be over it. Many people believe she tried to adopt a more femme fatale look.

The actress has not addressed the rumors that she has been getting any work done until today. Nevertheless, whether or not Dove Cameron has plastic surgery, the young actress and singer are still as gorgeous as ever.

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