Did Jennifer Coolidge Have Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Coolidge has become a household name in Hollywood for many reasons, from her iconic role in American Pie to her negative views on plastic surgery. Still, that is not to say that the actress herself is innocent. Her fans even raved about the possibility of Jennifer Coolidge’s plastic surgery due to her impossibly fresh looks.

Longtime supporters of the 61-year-old actress may know all too well how Coolidge calls out individuals who have gone under the knife by “having ice-cream scoop eyes.” Nonetheless, her recent photos speak louder about the marks of the scalpel’s intervention.

Upon closer look, viewers suspected that The Watcher actress had undergone the following cosmetic procedures in her bid to turn back the time.

Did Jennifer Coolidge Have Botox?

Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before & After

One glance is all it takes for eagle-eyed onlookers to accuse The White Lotus actress of being “guilty” of Botox. By their logic, it was beyond reasonable for her to look as fresh as a young Jennifer Coolidge when, in fact, she was well past her sixth decade. When they observed Coolidge’s face, they could not find any pronounced lines.

Her forehead appears wrinkle-free, as do her crow’s feet. At the same time, it is normal for women to develop signs of aging in these areas as they grow older. Another sign of Coolidge’s possible use of Botox is an increase in her eyebrows. Compared to her younger self, their arches are raised higher now.

It is possible that the Massachusetts native injected a small amount of Botox above her eyebrows to lift them and open her eyes. Plus, she flashes a more radiant complexion now. Still, this effect could be a by-product of the clean beauty she has sworn by for the past decade.

Did Jennifer Coolidge Have Fillers?

Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery

In most of Jennifer Coolidge’s TV roles, the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress brings the always-funny characters to life. But when it comes to her skin, Coolidge never messes around.

Coolidge told Allure that she had suffered from allergies six years ago. As such, she is very cautious about letting any makeup or skincare near her face. Despite this claim, social media users did not take Coolidge at her word. They assumed fillers were responsible for her almost firm, jowls-free skin.

The most noticeable difference is in Coolidge’s lips, which appear fuller in recent years than at the beginning of her career. Her upper lip now has almost the same ratio as the lower one. Her fans ruled out the possibility of Coolidge simply resorting to lip-liner as they seemed consistent in any of the pictures.


Did Jennifer Coolidge Have Breast Implants?

Her curvaceous body is one of the Jennifer Coolidge facts many fans of Legally Blonde are aware of. That being said, Coolidge did not always flaunt that look. Before she rose to stardom, she had smaller breasts than they are now. Fast forward to today, Coolidge makes heads turn with her busty top on her tiny waist.

Whispers suggested that the blonde bombshell got some nips and tucks to get her 40D breasts. Nonetheless, there are no reports on when Coolidge got her breast implants. It is not an exaggeration to call her one of the hottest Hollywood stars.

Final Verdicts

Interestingly, the rumors about Jennifer Coolidge’s plastic surgery may not be far-fetched. The 2 Broke Girls actress vaguely mentioned that she has experimented with cosmetic procedures before, but only God knows what they could be. What do you think?

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