12 Liu Kang Cosplays That Will Blow Your Mind

These 12 Liu Kang Cosplays will astonish and amuse you with their creative ideas. Choose the most inspiring and adorable cosplayer here!

Liu Kang Cosplays

Liu Kang is one of the most popular characters in the Mortal Kombat (MK) game series. That’s why many people are enthusiastic about making Liu Kang cosplay.

If you are one of MK fans, you probably intend to make one. Here are the ten most attractive Liu Kang costumes that could amaze, amuse, and inspire you.

1. Noob Saibot Vs. Liu Kang

Liu Kang Cosplays
Noob Saibot Vs. Liu Kang

This is one of the most popular Liu Kang cosplays. It’s not just because of the popularity of Mortal Kombat, but also for its amazingness and creativity.

Noob Saibot Vs Liu Kang is a great idea to make your Halloween special and memorable. And it would be an excellent choice if you want to show your friends how creative you are!

2. Liu Kang vs Kitana

Liu Kang Cosplays
Liu Kang vs Kitana

Liu Kang and Kitana are two of the most iconic characters in the Mortal Kombat franchise. They have been featured in many of the games, and have starred in their own movie. In this amazing recreation by Knightmage and Bebe Alkaid, we get to see them fight each other.

Both Liu Kang and Kitana are skilled warriors, and the fight is a close one. It’s hard to say who will come out on top, but it’s sure to be an exciting battle. Watching these two warriors clash is a real treat for any Mortal Kombat fan.

3. First Revenant by Skdr_m

Liu Kang Cosplays

Made by a fan from Japan, it is one of the best Liu Kang cosplays on the earth. It is not just because it looks natural but also because the details are unique.

This costume appears in Mortal Kombat X when Liu Kang becomes an undead revenant. The look at his eyes and the pattern on his face is truly fascinating.

4. Fire God by Artem Filiyta

Liu Kang Cosplays

Aside from the one performed by Skdr, this is also one of the most detailed cosplays of Liu Kang. From top to toe, Artem Filyta successfully brought the Fire God Liu Kang into reality.

5. Shaolin Monks by Black Cosplayer

Liu Kang Cosplays

Liu Kang as the Shaolin monk was his first identity in the MK series when he entered the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament to save the Earthrealm and become a hero.

Although it looks simple, this costume is one of the most favored by fans.

6. The Skinny Kang by Jony Gansito

Liu Kang Cosplays 4

It is a good cosplay from Liu Kang, the Champion of MK tournament. But, the average body of Jony Gansito makes the costume look too big. It may look better if the belt and arm bracers are tighter.

7. The Champion by Alexei Nadezhdin

Liu Kang Cosplays

The better version of Kang the Champion was shown by a Russian cosplayer, Alexei Nadezhdin. Although it has the same element, it is much more detailed. Even the dragon emblem looks more stunning.

8. Human Liu Kang by Andrew WraXden

Liu Kang Cosplays 6

If you have an average body and are not too confident in showing it, this human Liu Kang cosplay could become your inspiration.

This costume preserves the wristband, headband, and leather vest as young Kang’s characteristic in Mortal Kombat 11.

9. Beautiful Kang by Valyria Cosplay

Liu Kang Cosplays 7

Although the original character looks so masculine, it’s not impossible to make it gentle and gorgeous. The beautiful crossover Kang by Indonesian cosplayer, Jenny aka Valyria, proved it.

Even if her costume looks modest with only a headband, dress, and rosary bracelet, it seems nice.

10. Elder God by Candy Seol

Liu Kang Cosplays

Another female cosplayer executes a mesmerizing cosplay of Liu Kang the Elder God from MK11. Candy Seol shows the amazing Liu Kang costume DIY along with the tattoo and thunder effect.

The level of detail and precision that she put into every aspect of this cosplay is incredible. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort went into creating this masterpiece, and the results are stunning. Not only does Candy look like Elder God Liu Kang, but she also manages to capture the character’s powerful and imposing presence. If you’re looking for an example of truly outstanding cosplay, then look no further than Candy Seol’s Liu Kang!

11. Young Kang by HWM Jimmy

Liu Kang Cosplays 9

HWM Jimmy offers a versatile and straightforward cosplay of young Liu Kang. By taking off his shirt, he could transform from young into a more dependable hero of Earthrealm.

12. Boring Kang by Jed

Liu Kang Cosplays 12

It happens when you get bored and still try to do cosplay. By only wrapping his head with a red shawl, this Liu Kang cosplay looks so amusing with his dull expression.

Those are 12 Liu Kang cosplays that could be your inspiration. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to make a boring or more detailed one. Pick one and be confident with it. Give them a fatality move as the hero of Earthrealm.

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