Martha Stewart Plastic Surgery, Is That True?

Martha Stewart has been under the spotlight for many reasons. Despite her advanced age, the lifestyle guru still garners the same level of scrutiny these days. Yet, instead of focusing on her delicious baked goods, the public keeps returning to the enigma surrounding Martha Stewart plastic surgery.

After all, no 80-year-old woman can look as fresh as the host of Martha Stewart Living. Recent pictures of Martha Stewart, posted on her Instagram, convinced folks that artificial means are behind her stunning skin. What exactly did she do to accomplish such a youthful glow?

Martha Stewart Plastic Surgery Rumor

Martha Stewart Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Martha Stewart Have a Facelift?

Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified surgeon who did not treat Stewart, mentioned that the businesswoman’s ‘new’ face could be attributed to a facelift. The doctor drew this verdict after examining Stewart’s infamous Instagram upload. Hence, this procedure is most likely responsible for Stewart’s tight neck.

As the picture shows, the New Jersey native does not carry the turkey neck that most women her age have. To achieve this, a facelift might be performed, including tightening the jawline muscle layer (SMAS layer) and platysma.

Additionally, a facelift entails the removal of excess skin that results from several factors, such as collagen loss and thinning of the skin surface. These are common in the elderly as part of the aging process.

Did Martha Stewart Have Fillers?

The Clé de Peau brand ambassador, while denying the claims regarding her facelift, admitted that she does receive non-surgical treatments to maintain her luster. In particular, she chalks up her ageless aesthetic to Juvederm. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler used to plump the skin.

Stewart explained that she worked with Dr. Daniel Belkin, a New York-area board-certified dermatologist, to administer her fillers. According to Stewart, Dr. Belkin performs the procedure in moderation with an emphasis on natural outcomes to preserve the original facial features of his patient.

Dr. Belkin mainly injected Juvederm around Stewart’s mouth to remove wrinkles and fine lines in that area. The effects of fillers can generally stay for up to a year. However, recent innovations have allowed them to last two years. Again, Dr. Belkin places great importance on naturalness to avoid overfilling.

Martha Stewart Plastic Surgery

Did Martha Stewart Have Botox?

A 2013 Daily Mail publication revealed the Columbia University graduate’s experience with Botox. Interestingly, this contradicted her recent statements that she only dabbled with fillers. However, it seemed to be a one-time thing. Stewart expressed that she was aiming for a firm chin, so she opted for the procedure.

But after hearing the unflattering claims surrounding Botox, which in Stewart’s words, could give her a ‘quizzical look,’ she eventually gave in.

What does She Say?

There is no denying that Martha Stewart looks better today than ever. Stewart candidly told People that she is blessed with the wonderful genes bestowed by her parents for her eternal youth. Martha Kostyra, her mother, was known for her timeless elegance, per Stewart.

Besides genes and non-invasive treatments, the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia also practices a healthy lifestyle to keep herself as fresh as a daisy. Stewart’s team acknowledged that she really watches what she consumes.

Furthermore, they added that Martha Stewart plastic surgery rumors are baseless, saying no knife has ever come close to her face or body. So, it does seem that Martha Stewart’s no-makeup, the too-good-to-be-true look is a mix of healthy living, minimal cosmetic treatments, and healthy genes.

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