McKayla Maroney’s Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumors?

McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery

McKayla Maroney first rose to fame by winning a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. Although a decade has passed, the former gymnast is still a household name. But recently, she made the rounds for a different reason. The public wondered if McKayla Maroney’s plastic surgery is facts or just rumors after noticing her current looks.

The rumors sparked when gymnastics fans started revisiting Maroney’s past snaps—especially her once viral not-impressed face. Comparing her current self to the 16-year-old girl, onlookers spotted visible differences in the California native’s visage. Some also mentioned the likelihood of her having additional ‘help’ on her body.

These conversations prompted us to dive into the issue and explore the possible causes of Maroney’s transformation. Here is what we found.

Did McKayla Maroney Have a Boob Job?

McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery Before & After

Despite her petite frame, Maroney somehow never failed to make heads turn. Yet, the Hart of Dixie actress appears to have a more curvaceous silhouette in recent years. Such changes fueled a heated debate.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan-based plastic surgeon who did not treat Maroney, believed she underwent cosmetic procedures. In 2016, he suggested to Radar Online that Maroney might have gotten some nips and tucks on her breasts.

As a result of the breast augmentation, she now has C-size breasts, which Dr. Youn agreed were just right for her. At the same time, he also attributed the growth to the fact that Maroney no longer does a lot of intense exercises now.

Did McKayla Maroney Have Fillers?

McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery

It is well known that many people used to consider Maroney, a sweetheart. Yet, that has slowly been filled with the impression of a more sophisticated lady these days.

The public linked the shift to transformations in Maroney’s facial features, particularly her cheeks and chin. Dr. Youn confirmed by positing that the former Fierce Five member could have also turned to injectables to ‘upgrade’ her looks.

He added that dermal fillers might be administered to her cheeks and chin to highlight them. Plus, fillers were likely behind Maroney’s Kardashian-Esque pouts. Compared to her previous lips, they now appear fuller.


Did McKayla Marone Have Botox?

Speculations also surfaced about Maroney dabbling in Botox. While the Superstore star probably did not use it to directly turn back the clock (mind you, she is still in her 20s), industry experts said that she injected Botox to tweak her eyebrows. It was specifically injected into the area below her brows to give her a higher arch.

But they are merely guesses. What did Maroney think of everyone’s thoughts on her ‘new’ face?

What did She Say?

“I think it freaks people out to see somebody change just a little bit,” said the “Ghost” singer for Seventeen in 2016, addressing the elephant in the room. Maroney, while not admitting to going under the knife, acknowledged that she has ‘changed’ in the past years.

She added that her interest in makeup and fashion has blossomed since she stepped away from competitive gymnastics. The 27-year-old credited the changes in her body to her newfound love.

To summarize her take on those rumors about McKayla Maroney’s plastic surgery, she stated, “I don’t care.” And to be fair, considering McKayla Moroney’s net worth of $6 million, there was no reason for her to care. She has all the resources she needs to do anything with her body should she want to.

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