What Happened to Meg Ryan’s Face? Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Meg Ryan’s appearance at the 70th Tony Awards in 2016 quickly created a buzz. Instead of praising how her short locks looked great on her, the media and audience scrutinized her ‘new’ face. Some did not even refrain from going on social media and creating rumors of Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery.

What happened to Meg Ryan’s face? While the When Harry Met Sally… star has not addressed the speculations regarding her transformation, industry experts have rushed to weigh in on the issue. Below is a breakdown of the cosmetic procedures Ryan has likely had throughout his career.

What Expert Says About Meg Ryan’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Meg Ryan's Plastic Surgery

Did Meg Ryan Have Fillers?

In 2009, when the actress attended the premiere of her independent comedy film Serious Moonlight, the then 49-year-old Ryan showed signs of aging as women her age do. One of the most obvious was the sunken cheeks because of the loss of subcutaneous fat.

However, on that fateful evening, Ryan’s cheeks appeared to have more volume, especially on the lower part. Dr. Mark Youssef, a reputable Hollywood cosmetic surgeon who did not treat Ryan, mentioned that the actress could get some fillers before hitting the event.

In the treated area, the originally flat side was elevated. The procedure also gave Ryan rounder cheeks, which were previously not an attribute of her face. It was also responsible for the drastic changes in the You’ve Got Mail actress’ appearance, which Dr. Youssef attributed to ‘masculine’ traits.

Did Meg Ryan Have Botox?

Meg Ryan's Plastic Surgery Before & After

The 61-year-old is also accused of having Botox. Dr. Youssef mentioned that the actress might have too much of it after observing recent pictures of Meg Ryan circa 2016. While the injections had granted her wrinkle-free skin, they had also resulted in an unnatural visage.

Dr. Youssef pointed out that the key is to be ‘undetectable.’ However, in Ryan’s case, the actress might push herself too hard to look younger. One good indicator is an overly smooth face while the neck is left untreated, creating a huge, unbalanced gap.

It might be a stretch to call Ryan’s attempts at dabbling in plastic surgery gone wrong. However, the top surgeon noted that the City of Angels star should tone it down slightly.

Reducing the dose of Botox is highly recommended to avoid worse manifestations, such as the formation of horizontal wrinkles at the hairline followed by a forehead that remains flawless.


Did Meg Ryan Have a Nose Job?

The difference may be subtle, but Dr. Youssef noticed Ryan debuted her new, narrower nose at the awards show. A rhinoplasty may be behind the difference. Also, her nose looks more pinched now.

It is important to note that even the most minor nose modifications can significantly change the overall appearance of the face. However, many lamented Ryan’s decision to alter her nose. After all, there was no visible flaw in the first place. Now that the nose is smaller, more emphasis is placed on the other facial features.

Final Verdicts

Whether Meg Ryan got a nip and tuck, her drastic makeover has shocked the public, especially the hardcore fans of the rom-com diva. The rejection from many parties ultimately hurt her career. As a result, the actress stepped away from the acting industry for many years since that day.

Ultimately, Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery rumors add to the long list of A-listers whose lives have been upended because of the negative stigmas surrounding cosmetic attempts to turn back the clock.

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