Did Nicola Peltz Have Plastic Surgery? Let’s See The Before & After Photos!

Since Hollywood first spotted her, Brooklyn Beckham’s wife has undergone a drastic makeover. Now in her 20s, the Transformers: Age of Extinction star has gone from an attractive brunette next door to an elegant, chic lady. With such a big gap, it is no wonder that rumors regarding Nicola Peltz’s plastic surgery quickly broke out.

What happened to her face? Is Peltz simply blessed with good genes, or is her new look courtesy of good docs? Here’s what industry insiders have to say about it.

Did Nicola Peltz Have a Nose Job?

Nicola Peltz Plastic Surgery Before & After
Nicola Peltz Before & After Transformation. Images via Gettyimages.

A subtle change was visible on the nose of the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz when she was 15 years old. At this point, Nicola Peltz’s young self still had a more prominent nose than she does now. However, compared to her first public appearance two years earlier, her nose was slightly narrower.

Peltz has been flaunting her current nose since 2013. By this time, it had become thinner and in balance with the rest of her facial features. It is possible that makeup played a role in this change, but a rhinoplasty seems to be more fitting. Peltz may have chosen this procedure to narrow her bridge and reshape the tip of her nose.

Did Nicola Peltz Have Eyelid Surgery?

The Last Airbender actress has always been popular for her green eyes, but that is not the only thing worth noting. There are suggestions that she may have touched up her eyelids to bring out the natural color of her eyes.

In fact, she was born with a rather heavy upper eyelid, a feature that was also present in Nicola Peltz’s mother, model Claudia Heffner. Yet, we can see more of her eyelid creases since circa 2013. This sign may indicate an upper blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty, according to Dr. Cristen Olds, a reconstructive plastic surgeon who did not treat Peltz, is the removal of extra tissue, skin, and fat on the upper eyelid. While it is commonly performed on elderly patients, younger ones usually seek this procedure for aesthetic purposes.


Did Nicola Peltz Have Lip Enhancement?

Nicola Peltz Before & After

The Deck the Halls actress also seems to be dabbling with injectables. It is especially noticeable from her lips which, compared to her debut days, are fuller now. Yet, it may be true that Nicola Peltz once did not quite understand when enough is enough.

What started as a slight increase in 2016 evolved into a ‘disaster’ in just a year. At her public appearance for InStyle and Warner Bros.’ 2017 Golden Globes After Party, Peltz debuted her ‘trout pout’ which quickly caused a media storm.

Her upper lip appeared to rival the size of her lower one, and ‘shocking’ would be an understatement. Luckily, over time, her lip fillers seem to have settled in for the better now.

Final Verdicts

It goes without saying that Nicola Peltz herself is a sensational presence, from being born with a silver spoon in her mouth to being married to the son of the most renowned soccer player of all time. Her every move has caught the attention of countless pairs of eyes since she set foot in Hollywood.

Little wonder that many have questions about her looks. Are they simply courtesy of Nicola Peltz’s skincare regime? Or did the Nicola Peltz’s plastic surgery rumors turn out to be true? Either way, the 27-year-old absolutely has all the necessary resources to maintain her gorgeous looks.

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