What Happened to Noah Cyrus’s Face? Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

The world was first exposed to Noah Cyrus as a budding child actress. As time passed, she continued to expand her scope not only in acting but also in performing. Throughout her growth, the public has seen her stunning transformation to the point where rumors of Noah Cyrus’s plastic surgery emerged.

The crowd suspected that, in the end, the Hollywood pressures took their toll on the Tennessee native. Plus, there is the famed megastar Miley Cyrus in her family tree. Cosmetic procedures could be her ticket to thriving in the cutthroat showbiz world. But to what degree could these guesses be taken into account?

So we checked out Noah Cyrus’ Instagram to find out what might be behind her fabulous new look. We also pored over various outlets to learn what fans and professionals think about the issue.

Did Noah Cyrus Have Lip Fillers?

Noah Cyrus's Plastic Surgery

Lip fillers have never been more mainstream. Thanks to celebrities and influencers like the Kardashians, the demand for this non-surgical treatment is constantly rising. Almost all women on social media are flaunting their full lips, showing that lip fillers are unlikely to go out of style soon.

We assumed that the “Make Me (Cry)” singer might also be a fan of these guys. And it turns out we were not the only ones: Dr. Andrew J. Miller, a New Jersey-area plastic surgeon who did not treat Cyrus, also believes so after comparing Noah Cyrus’ lips then and now.

The doctor pointed to her now fuller lower lip, especially when she smiled. It is worth noting that the outcomes are still okay. Cyrus could have worked with an experienced surgeon to perform a natural-looking lip augmentation on her, giving her a pout that is harmonious with the rest of her face.


Did Noah Cyrus Have Cheek Fillers?

Noah Cyrus's Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheek fillers may be the next hot item on the market after lip fillers. Given that cheek fillers can create higher cheekbones at an affordable price, it is no surprise many are on board to dabble with them. Moreover, the results are great depending on the formula.

Speaking of cheek fillers, Dr. Miller also suggests that the Hannah Montana actress might be ‘guilty’ of this cosmetic treatment. After looking at Noah Cyrus’ 2022 photos and comparing them with the old ones, Dr. Miller found noticeable differences in her cheeks.

Besides having defined and elevated cheekbones, Cyrus now has visible-plus-full ‘apple’ cheeks.

However, this augmentation procedure may not be necessary, as she is still in her 20s. Her bone structure will be exposed naturally as she ages. It is only later in life, when she loses volume in her cheeks, that she can turn to fillers to restore her facial shape.

Final Verdicts

No official comment has been made on Noah Cyrus’s plastic surgery speculations. The “July” singer apparently does not seem to be bothered by the talk regarding her new chic persona, and there is no denying that she will keep rocking her impossibly dazzling looks in the future.

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