Top 10 Strongest Black Butler Characters You Should Know

It is no secret that Black Butler has some of the most interesting and complex characters in all of anime. From Ciel Phantomhive, the tortured young Earl who commands the demonic butler Sebastian Michaelis, to Grell Sutcliff, the manic Shinigami obsessed with death, each character is a fascinating study in human behavior.

But among all these characters, which ones are the strongest? Who are the ones you should know about if you want to be truly well-versed in Black Butler?

Strongest Black Butler Characters

10 Most Powerful Black Butler Characters

Here is a list of the top 10 strongest characters in Black Butler. Be warned – there may be spoilers ahead!

1. Sebastian Michaelis

Strongest Demons In Black Butler

The first one on the list is Sebastian Michaelis, also known as Black. He is probably one of the strongest demons in Black Butler. Sebastian is a demon butler who seals the Faustian contract with Ciel Phantomhive, the story’s main character.

He said he would help Ciel take revenge with his soul’s recompense. Even though, as a demon butler, he is very obedient and loyal to his master, it does not erase the fact that he is very powerful. Sebastian is agile, has excellent stamina, and is fast and strong. However, he could also massacre people and be very destructive.

Aside from that, Sebastian is manipulative. So, he is very dangerous, indeed.

2. Undertaker

Strongest Grim Reapers In Black Butler

Next on the list is the Undertaker, who was one of the strongest grim reapers in Black Butler before retiring. He was an informant for the Phantomhive house when he was in the Aristocrat of Evil. Even though he loves to laugh and giggle, no one dares to provoke him.

Undertaker loves to make other people frightened. Usually, he will investigate the corpse that was sent to him to obtain useful information. So, besides having incredible demonic power, he is also very clever.

3. Ciel Phantomhive

Most Powerful Characters In Black Butler

The next one is Ciel Phantomhive, the current head of the Phantomhive household. He is the main character in the story. He wants to take revenge on the person who made him suffer. Ciel Phantomhive is a manipulative person. However, his strong point is probably his genius-level intellect.

This is why he became one of the most powerful characters in Black Butler. As the head of the house, he is doing a pretty good job. Almost every character in the story either respects him or fears him.

4. Finnian

Strongest Black Butler Characters 4

Then, there is Finnian, a gardener in the Phantomhive household. He used to be a test subject. However, it does not that doesn’t mean that he is weak. On the contrary, Finnian is strong, and he became stronger after being a test subject. It is because an unknown substance keeps being injected into him.

So, right now, Finnian is one of Black Butler’s most powerful characters. This is why he is always on the higher ranking when people talk about the character in Black Butler who has the most power and strength.

5. Grell Sutcliff

Most Powerful Grim Reapers In Black Butler

Next, there is Grell Sutcliff, who is probably one of the most powerful grim reapers in Black Butler. They are the grim reaper who is falling in love with Sebastian Michaelis. At first, they look shy and clumsy. But then, it revealed that they are very dangerous characters.

Grell does not even hesitate to kill their comrade if they start to lose interest in them. Their personalities are sassy and flamboyant. For now, their life goal is to marry Sebastian.

6. Baron Kelvin

Strongest Black Butler Characters 6

A character worthy of this list is Baron Kelvin, who is also considered stronger than other Black Butler characters. However, his appearance might fool you though. It is because whole bandages cover all over his face except his left eye and mouth. Both his legs are also missing, so he always wears a wheelchair.

But, even in the past, Baron Kelvin was very dangerous. Especially when he is disgustingly obsessive toward Ciel, he is the one who sold Ciel to the cult. Aside from that, he is also selling other children to become test experiments.

7. Elizabeth Midford

Strongest Female Characters In Black Butler

Then, there is Elizabeth Midford, probably one of the strongest female characters in Black Butler. Even though she is charming and tiny, her power is extreme. She even can easily kill dozens of Bizarre Dolls to protect Ciel.

One of Elizabeth’s strong points is probably her swordsmanship skill. It is because she was trained in fencing and swordsmanship when she was young. So, no wonder she became the best swordmaster in the story.

8. Claude Faustus

Strongest Black Butler Characters

The next one on the list is Claude Faustus. He is one of the strongest demon butlers in the Trancy household, and people also know him as the Spider Butler. At first, he seems apathetic and unbothered. Then, however, he changed drastically after taking a sip of Ciel’s blood.

Claude Faustus is one of the most dangerous villains in Black Butler. He is obsessive about Ciel’s soul. Unfortunately, this obsession makes him stronger than he already is.

9. Charles Grey

Strongest Black Butler Characters 9

Then, there is Charles Grey, one of the secretaries of Queen Victoria. Aside from that, he is also one of the strongest fighters in the story. Charles Grey thinks that combat is very thrilling. He even refers to that as playing. His swordsmanship skill is probably the best one after Elizabeth Midford.

He works in a duo with Charles Phipps, which people know as the Double Charles. Their abilities and capabilities are similar. But Grey is better if it comes to swords.

10. Charles Phipps

Strongest Black Butler Characters 10

The next one is Charles Phipps, Grey’s partner as the secretary of Queen Victoria. He is probably calmer and more reserved than his partner. He also prefers to keep himself away from combat. However, he is skillful at fighting. Charles Phipps is speedy and strong.

Those are the ten strongest characters in the Black Butler universe. Do you have your own opinion? Leave your comment!

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