Top 10 Strongest Boruto Characters You Should Watch Out

These top 10 strongest Boruto characters are just a few of the many that fans will love. If you’re looking for more, check out our full list below!

Strongest Boruto Characters

10 Most Powerful Characters in Boruto

When it comes to the Naruto anime series, there are many powerful characters. But amongst all of them, who is the strongest? Boruto is a new series that follows the next generation of ninjas in the world of Naruto. So far, we’ve seen some incredibly powerful characters and moments in this anime. But which ones are the strongest? Let’s find out!

1. Kawaki

Strongest New Boruto Character

Kawaki is the strongest new Boruto character. He first appears in Boruto #1 in the remains of said Leaf Village. He defeats Naruto.

Since Naruto is one of the greatest ninjas, this cemented Kawaki as the series’ uber-bad. In the manga, Kawaki may accomplish the inconceivable when Boruto loses control of his talents. At Boruto’s pleading, he terminates their battle. Therefore, Kawaki is the strongest person alive. Moreover, he may be the strongest Naruto character ever.

2. Mitsuki

Strongest Characters In Boruto And Naruto

Mitsuki seems to be the only Konoha genin who appears better than Boruto, but he’s a flawless synthetic manufactured by Orochimaru. However, Mitsuki stays true to his promise in combat and academics. Thus, Mitsuki is skilled even among Boruto, Sarada, and Shinki.

He possesses high chakra and specializes in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. Moreover, he’s sneaky and swift. Therefore, he can obtain Sage Transformation, a rare skill.

Mitsuki defeated Shino in the graduation test. Soft Physique Modification lets him weaponize any bodily component making him hard to hit. Mitsuki is indeed one of the strongest characters in Boruto and Naruto.

3. Boruto

Strongest Boruto Characters

Boruto was like his father, Naruto, when he was young, except he’s more mature and worldly. However, Boruto is a ninja prodigy in all elements of ninjutsu and personality.

Boruto performs at Jonin levels as no one in his generation should be able to. He’s powerful, swift has enormous chakra reserves, and can strategize well. All these talents make him a genin who might be one of the finest shinobi. But he’s still not Boruto’s strongest character.

4. Sarada

Ranking Strongest Boruto Characters

Sarada Uchiha’s ancestry makes her the most promising genin. As the offspring of two of the past generation’s strongest, she’s a top genin at her time. Moreover, Sarada has her father’s ability and mother’s intelligence.

She can utilize advanced chakra to shake the Earth. Sarada initially awoke her Sharingan around age 11 and possesses a wide variety of ninjutsu skills. She’s better than her colleagues in fighting, throwing, and Jutsu. Her only weakness is expending too much power, although her reserves will grow with age. Thus, Sarada is limitless.

5. Shinki

Shinki, the Sunagakure team’s captain, is Gaara’s adoptive son. He and his squad attended the chunin examinations like the era before. Strong and arrogant, but prone to disregarding others and overstating themselves.

Shinki’s technique combines his adoptive father and uncle Kankuro’s talents. Like Kankuro, he utilizes a puppet, but it’s Gaara’s iron sand vessel. He uses sand to save his teammates in the first chunin round and constrain opponents.

Thus, Shinki is a leading new generation puppeteer and trainer. Fans can anticipate a lot out of him as he is one of Boruto’s strongest characters in the upcoming.

6. Shin Uchiha

Strongest Villain In Boruto

Shin Uchiha is the strongest villain in Boruto despite being one of Orochimaru’s test victims. Orochimaru utilized portions of him to make clones and uncover genetic mysteries.

Shin Uchiha admired the Uchiha Clan, particularly Itachi, and adopted their name. However, he revolted against Orochimaru and joined his “sons.” He leads a conspiracy to restore the Akatsuki and is killed by clones. However, his genetic abilities made him an artificially powerful opponent.

7. Shikadai

Shikadai, Shikamaru and Temari’s only child, has immense potential. He’s like his dad. Although passionate, he’s uninspired and has his father’s intelligence. Shikadai is like Shikamaru since no one can tell what he’s thinking. He’s good at scheming and improvisation, as evidenced when he repelled Boruto’s Rasengan.

He possesses Nara Clan’s extraordinary shadow manipulation skill. Shikadai has been practicing since before he attended school, and his mother Temari won’t let him be lazy when he has to study. Moreover, he’s learned Temari’s fan moves.

8. Mirai

Strongest Boruto Characters

Naruto Shippuden introduces Mirai Sarutobi. She inherited her father’s chakra command and her mother’s genjutsu. She’s not a prominent aspect of the Boruto narrative, but the viewer knows she’s got abilities.

How? Mirai is Naruto’s bodyguard despite her age and his might. She’s accountable for the Hokage’s life, albeit she’s not constantly active in the job. Moreover, Mirai is entrusted to go out against anybody who believes they can take out Naruto when Boruto starts. It is remarkable. Thus it makes him one of the strongest in Boruto.

9. Kagura

Most Formidable Character In Boruto

Kagura descends from Kirigakure’s 4th Mizukage Yagura, like many new shinobi. However, he lives in a region renowned for savage power. Thus, he has his bloodlust to manage. When he initially started training, he murdered several of his Academy classmates.

Kagura was asked to become the next Mizukage. Therefore he’s already Kage-level in strength and talents, but he rejected it and became an adviser instead. He’s much like the Shikamaru of his community, using strategy rather than force as a young person. Kagura is among the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist, making him the most formidable character in Boruto.

10. Yurui

Strongest Boruto Characters

Yurui has one of the new generation’s oddest abilities. He chews gum frequently and can generate enormous bubbles. Furthermore, he may trap opponents or blow bubbles. Bubbles helped him in the first two chunin tests.

In the third, he faces Boruto and attempts to overrun him with bursting bubbles, but Boruto throws a shuriken and explodes one in Yurui’s face, knocking him unconscious. Yurui carries two swords, although his competence is unknown. His lax attitude and arrogance require development to attain his potential.

Boruto is much like the previous series. It means you get to see the whole ninja society fighting one another to become the greatest. Fans can expect much more from these ten strongest Boruto characters as they are still young and will grow up soon.

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