10 Weakest and Strongest Characters in Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular comics and anime of this century. Not only in Japan but also all over the world. No matter where you live, you will hear about Naruto at least once in your life. One of the constant debates among fans is who are the weakest and strongest characters in Naruto.

Weakest and Strongest Characters in Naruto

10 Weakest and Strongest Characters in Naruto

Everyone will have different thoughts about it because it is subjective. All characters in Naruto have their strong points and specialty. We summarize the list of Naruto’s strongest and weakest characters based on their overall skills. Here’s the list!

The Rank of The Weakest Characters

The fact is, not every character in Naruto is strong. Amongst all Naruto characters, some of them are considered as weak. Either they never get involved in combat, or they always easily lose when they fight. Here are the ranks!

1. Ayame Uchiha

Weakest Characters in Naruto

The weakest character in Naruto is probably Ayame Uchiha. But, then, you might be curious about why Ayame is the weakest one. It is because she is one of the Naruto female characters who is never involved in combat. No chapter tells about her power in the comics or the anime.

It was proven when Hakkaku kidnaped her in one of the anime episodes. She cannot defend herself and waits until another character saves her.

2. Iruka Umino

Weakest Characters

The next weakest character in Naruto after Ayame Uchiha is probably Iruka Umino. He is a sensei in Naruto and one of the best teachers. However, in terms of power, he is not as powerful as others. He is only good at teaching children and not so good when it comes to combat.

3. Mizuki

Weakest Characters

Then, there is Mizuki, who is the weakest villain in Naruto. He is intelligent and manipulative as a Ninja. But, to be honest, he is not that powerful when it comes to power. Mizuki easily gets stomped by Naruto in the first episode, while Naruto is not that strong yet.

When he became a chunin, his fighting skills were not as good as his peers. As a result, young Naruto even easily overpowered him without a balanced fight.

4. Tenten

Weakest Characters

If you want to know, who is the weakest Ninja in Naruto? Then, most people in the Naruto fandom will agree that it is Tenten. She does not have the necessary chakra control, making her one of the weakest Ninjas. Instead of using chakra, she uses a weapon when she is in combat.

5. Kiba Inuzuka

Weakest Characters

Then, there is Kiba, also considered one of the weakest characters in Naruto. In fact, in terms of power, he is a decent fighter. However, if you compare him with his peers, he is weaker than others. His development is kind of slow. But, then, there is no big scheme that includes him.

It is why many people in the fandom agree that Kiba is on the weak side of the Ninjas.

The Rank of The Strongest Characters

After knowing who is the weakest, you might also be curious about who is the strongest Ninja in Naruto. Of course, there are a lot of Ninjas who are very strong in Naruto. However, some of them are just stronger than others. So, here are the ranks of the most powerful characters in Naruto!

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Strongest Shinobi In Naruto

First of all, the strongest shinobi in Naruto is probably Naruto himself. Well, he is the main character for a reason. He has a strong Jutsu and knows a lot of Ranges. Aside from that, he also has a strong life force. Naruto is naturally good at combat and probably one of the strongest characters in the show.

Naruto not only mastered one chakra but five at a time. It makes him very powerful. Even Kakashi admits that Naruto is better than him if it comes to mastered chakra.

2. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Strongest Kunoichi In Naruto

Then, if you are curious, who is the strongest kunoichi in Naruto? Then, the answer is probably Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Aside from her strength, her other strong point is perhaps her speed. She has more chakra than Madara, which are way stronger than even ten tails.

Some people think that Kaguya is stronger than Naruto. However, their strength is probably at the same level. So, if you believe that Naruto is stronger than Kaguya or the other way around, you are still valid.

3. Sasuke Uchiha

Strongest Characters in Naruto

The next one is Sasuke Uchiha, who is always on a high tier on everyone’s Naruto character power tier list. If you are talking about strength, he is one of the best. Sasuke can create storms and tornadoes with a single attack. But, aside from his power, he is also fast and intelligent.

It is why many people are afraid of Sasuke. He is a nightmare for the enemies, even for most villains and criminals from the underworld. However, he is a skillful combatant with a strong will to win every combat.

4. Madara Uchiha

Strongest Characters in Naruto

Then, there is Madara Uchiha, who is also stronger than most of the characters in Naruto. He is one of the most naturally talented Ninjas in history. Even the next generations still cannot match him. Aside from being naturally gifted, he is also very experienced.

He was involved in many battles, probably more than his peers ever experienced. It is why, as time passed, he got more powerful than he already was.

5. Kakashi Hatake

Strongest Characters in Naruto

Last but not least, Kakashi Hatake is also known for being strong. He became Jonin at 12, showing that he is gifted and a genius. It is why other characters in Naruto well respect him. On the other hand, the enemies also fear him even though some are physically stronger than him.

Maybe, many characters in Naruto are physically stronger than him. However, you cannot win without brain and tactics, which is one of Kakashi’s strong points.

So, those are the ranks of the weakest and the strongest characters in Naruto. However, this ranking is a subjective matter. So, of course, you can disagree with it. Well, everyone has their version of who is the weakest and the stronger, whether in the comics or the anime version of Naruto.

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