10 Strongest Marvel Characters: from Heroes to Villains

Marvel is one of a few alternative universes that are very popular worldwide. The universe that emerged from the comic series is not only popular among kids and teens but also adults. Many people gave their own opinion about who are the strongest Marvel characters.

Strongest Marvel Characters

Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

This hot topic has long been debated among Marvel fans, especially when a new character appears in the comics. Fans’ opinions are even more diverse, especially if the characters and stories have been adapted to the big screen. So then, of all the Marvel characters, who is the strongest? Here’s a list of the strongest heroes and villains!

1. One Above All

God in the Marvel Universe

The first one of the lists is One Above All. They are the ruler or, you could say, God in the Marvel Universe. So, there is no doubt that they are the strongest ones. They could easily destroy every Marvel character. However, the existence of One Above All remains mysterious.

They rarely appear in the comics. Also, they seldom intervene when the other characters decide to do something. The other Marvel characters only know them as a source of love and good.

2. One Below All

Strongest Marvel Villain

Aside from One Above All, One Below One is the strongest Marvel villain ever. They are opposite One Above All, the personification of hate and destruction. They can manipulate people and make them do bad things to others or the world.

Not only that, but they are also able to manipulate destiny and specific incidents. This power makes them so powerful. But unfortunately, “One Above All” lives in the deepest of Hell and is rarely seen in the comics or the movies.

3. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Strongest Marvel Comic Characters

Then, there is the Scarlet Witch, one of the strongest Marvel comic characters. Quicksilver is her twin brother. She began to appear in Marvel when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote X-Men 4. In the beginning, she seems to be a villain. She is one of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

However, later she joins one of the Avengers. Wanda Maximoff gained her powers as Scarlet Witch from Chaos Magic, which is why she is so powerful. She can manipulate an element, fly, do magic, and teleport. Not only that, but she also can manipulate time and bend reality.

4. Thanos

Most Powerful Villain In Marvel

The next most powerful villain in Marvel is Thanos. He is one of the most dangerous Titans that exists. The first time Thanos appeared was in the comics The Invincible Iron Man #55. Until now, he has already clashed with many heroes in Marvel, from Avengers, Guardian of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, etc.

Thanos’ strength, speed, agility, endurance, and longevity are his strong points. Additionally, Thanos also had super psychology of Eternals and genius-level tactics. He also had plasma energy projection and is known for Thanos snap.

5. Thor

Strongest Heroes In Marvel

Then there is also Thor, one of the strongest heroes in Marvel. He is the son of Odin, who is the King of Asgard. Thor is the God of thunder, which exists in Norse myth. Because he is a God in Asgard, Thor became one of the most powerful members of the Avengers.

He is known for his hammer, which can make him fly and control the weather. Not only that, but Thor also had speed, endurance and longevity, and super strength. He can also travel between dimensions. Thor has always been among the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe.

6. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Doctor Strange)

Strongest Marvel Characters

The next strongest hero that exists in Marvel is Doctor Strange. His character appears for the first time in the comic Strange Tales #110. He was a brilliant surgeon who was egoistic. However, because of an incident, he cannot do surgery anymore. Then, he found the Ancient One.

After that, he learns magic and martial arts from the Sorcerer Supreme. So, right now, he is not only a brilliant doctor but also a brilliant sorcerer. Aside from that, he is also powerful physically. It makes him almost always included as one of the highest Marvel power rankings.

7. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

Most Powerful Heroines In Marvel

When talking about who is the most powerful heroines in Marvel, you certainly shouldn’t miss the name Captain Marvel. She definitely should be on this list. She was a pilot from the US Air Force. However, because of an incident, she became one of the members of Starforce and became Kree’s weapon.

Captain Marvel gained her power from the Psyche-Magnetron. However, she became more powerful because of the Kree DNA. As a result, Carol Denver has super strength, stamina, agility, and durability. Not only that, but she also can fly and has almost total immunity to toxins and poisons.

8. Eternity

Strongest Marvel Characters

The next character who is also very strong is Eternity. He is an entity from the universe which is very strong. He had an unlimited power that could not be destroyed. Therefore, the universe will also be destroyed if he is destroyed or dead.

His first appearance is on Strange Tales #138. His abilities are reality warping, night omniscience, and cosmic awareness.

9. Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk)

Strongest Marvel Characters

If you are curious about who is the physically strongest character in the Marvel Universe, then one of the answers is Hulk. He is probably the strongest member of the Avengers if it comes to physics. However, Dr. Bruce Banner is only strong if he is mad because he will turn into Hulk.

The first appearance of his character is in the comic The Incredible Hulk. Hulk’s strong points are his super strength and his super durability.

10. Hercules

Strongest Marvel Characters

Aside from Hulk, Hercules is also known for his super strength. In fact, besides Marvel, Hercules also exists in Greek mythology. He is a member of the Olympians and also a member of the Avengers.

His main points are super strength. However, Hercules also had agility, durability, and endurance. The movie he appears in is Thor: Love and Thunder.

So, those are the lists of the strongest Marvel characters. Not only heroes and heroines, but some villains are also super strong and difficult to destroy.

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