10 Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters: Most Powerful To Least

Top 10 Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Characters from the Seven Deadly Sins are always a contentious topic. It is primarily because the highest tiers do not have a specific power level. Beware, anime fans: this article contains numerous spoilers. Here are the top 10 strongest Seven Deadly Sins characters!

1. Meliodas

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Who is the strongest demon in Seven Deadly Sins? Indeed, Meliodas is unquestionably the most powerful of the Seven Sins. How is he more powerful than the Demon King? He absorbed all ten commandments while retaining his power and agility.

Melodias’ strongest form is when he combines his powers. He unquestionably had been the most powerful being in The Seven Deadly Sins.

Furthermore, he spent a thousand years in Purgatory fighting the Demon King. This enabled him to develop the skills required to defeat him in combat.

He can constantly surpass his capability and become one of the collection’s top three most powerful characters. His most effective shape became his True Magic Form, in which he attained a significant energy level of 100,000.

2. Ban

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Ban’s physical and mental abilities were boosted by its special power, “Super Concentration,” which reached its peak power level of around 700,000.

His ability to steal objects and abilities from others was one of his most outstanding abilities. His one weakness before his stay, a painfully low tolerance level, appears to have vanished.

Ban’s body, on the other hand, has one of the highest tolerance levels in The Seven Deadly Sins after all those years of training under harsh conditions.

Now that his opponent is waning, he may easily increase his strength significantly. Ban is an excellent illustration of how powerful he may be at this point given his lengthy battle with Demon King, which has lasted more than 60 years.

3. Demon King Zeldris

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

One of the top 3 strongest Seven Deadly Sins characters, Demon King Zeldris is said to have a skill level of about 750,000. It should have been sufficient to have his Magic Resistance and Ominous Nebula.

The Demon King has attempted to regulate his body, and he has internalized all 10 commandments. At the end of the day, Demon King Zeldris is likely intelligent enough to challenge Meliodas’ ultimate form.

Although the King lacked the power of Ban and Meliodas, he wasn’t far behind. He got access to the strength of the Sacred Tree and the Fairy Realm after achieving Full Grown Wings, and his power level increased.

4. Escanor

Seven Deadly Sins villains

Rhitta, also known as the “Strongest Holy Knight” in Liones, was Escanor’s Sacred Treasure. “The One” became Escanor’s most powerful ability as he reached the pinnacle of his power at noon.

His power level increased to 798,000 after achieving “The One Ultimate,” a new form.

Escanor has the ability to become the most powerful entity for a brief moment. As a result, he only has full power for a limited period of time. This makes Seven Deadly Sins villains wonder how invincible Escanor truly is.

5. Mael

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Mael was one of the Goddess Clan’s Four Archangels, but after being altered by the Demon King, he took on the identity of a member of the Ten Commandments and had been given the new name Estarossa.

After the Supreme Deity, he was the second most powerful of the Four Archangels.

Mael’s maximum power level is much lower than Escanor’s. His power level is estimated to be 480,000. Regardless, the fact remains that he is the original wielder of Sunshine. Mael, unlike Escanor, is not rendered powerless after sundown.

Yes, Escanor is said to be capable of annihilating Mael during his one moment of invincibility. A couple of minutes later, however, it’s anyone’s game. For the first half of the day, Mael has the upper hand.


6. Merlin

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters

As Belialuin’s child and a genius whose magic excels that of every member of her race, Merlin is the most powerful mage in all of Britannia.

There has been debate about Merlin’s power level from the outset. 4,710 was the guessed number.

Because of her incredible magic, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King wanted Merlin on their side in the Holy War.

Because of her extensive knowledge and powerful magic, it is extremely difficult to stop her once she gets going in the game.

7. Gowther

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters 7

After being created as an emotionless, androgynous doll, Gowther gained sentience and emotion after a series of battles and unfortunate deaths. As the game’s power has grown, Gowther has become one of the game’s most important characters.

The origins of Gowther are similar to those of Pinocchio. After a series of battles and unfortunate deaths, it gained sentience and emotion. Gowther has grown in power as it has expanded.

8. Diane

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters 8

Diane is the King’s wife and a member of the Giant Clan, and she can withstand multiple attacks due to her endurance. With her special ability, Creation, she can also manipulate the earth.

After Drole’s trial, she greatly increased her power, allowing her to improve her connection with the earth.

Diane is an illustration of quiet power, whether she is the size of a regular adult or 30 feet tall like the Giant Clan. She hates fighting. Nonetheless, when provoked, she demonstrates her prowess with aplomb.

Diane also possesses the power of Creation. Her clan can manipulate her natural surroundings because she is so connected to the earth.

9. Elizabeth

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters 9

Elizabeth’s power is far greater than meets the eye because she is the Supreme Deity’s daughter. Although her fighting skills are not particularly impressive, she does possess some serious magical abilities.

This includes inducing her opponents’ will to fight, so they no longer want to fight.

She easily beat two induras simultaneously. Her actual power level is listed as 1,925. On the other hand, her abilities are a force to reckon with.

10. Ludociel

Strongest Seven Deadly Sins Characters 10

Whereas his total power does not reveal much about his skills, it is clear that Ludociel is a true beast.

As the Archangels’ leader, his host form is comparable to Mael’s four commandments. His intellectual superiority and extraordinary magical abilities are even more impressive.

After all, that was the top 10 strongest Seven Deadly Sins characters we spilled out for you.

7 Deadly Sins is set in the Kingdom of Britannia and is characterized by individuals with extraordinary power and abilities. It sets them apart from the others in the series.

This group contains powerful personas, but the top ten list includes the strongest Seven Deadly Sins characters! These 7 Deadly Sins ranked are worth being trusted!

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