These 10 Celebrities with Dandruff Shows No One is Perfect

These celebrities with dandruff teach us that no one is perfect in this world. But, unfortunately, just like us, famous people cannot also escape from dandruff.

Celebrities with Dandruff

Top 10 Celebrities with Dandruff Problems

Do celebrities have dandruff? Apparently, yes. The flaking of the head scalp is a common problem anyway. So, it is no wonder that, just like most of us, these famous people experience it too. But because they are celebrities, of course, there will be news about them, including this dandruff issue. Some even admit to having dandruff problems openly.

1. Ciara

Celebrities with Dandruff


Ciara is an American singer whose rise to prominence started after her debut track, “Goodies,” scored on Billboard Hot 100. Now, she is married to American footballer Russel Wilson. However, she is still active as an R&B singer, songwriter, model, businesswoman, and actress.

Around 2019, Ciara went viral when people found out the truth that she has dandruff. Apparently, the uproar started after the singer uploaded a photo of her taking a selfie with a black shirt. Some white flakes are apparent all over the shirt.

2. Brad Pitt

Actors With Dandruff


Even the ‘sexiest man alive can have itchy and flaky head problems. Brad Pitt may not be the only actor with dandruff. However, since he is ‘the’ Brad Pitt, it’s not strange that many people keep an eye on him.

The problem occurred during “The Fight Club” shooting period when Pitt had to lengthen his hair down to the neck. Some sources say Pitt struggled with the humidity of having long hair and started having white flakes. Once, he even covered Jennifer Anniston, his then-wife, expensive dress with it.

3. Tyra Banks

Female Celebrities with Dandruff


Tyra Banks’ modeling career started when she was 15 years old. However, what kickstarted her career was when she became one of the front faces of Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie retailer. Since then, Banks has started to build her career as a model, actress, singer, and TV host.

Upon talking about her hair problem, she is very blunt about her dandruff. She clearly states that she has been feeling quite troubled by the itching and flaking that dandruff does.

4. Jenny McCarthy

Female Celebrities with Dandruff


Jenny McCarthy is one of America’s legendary actresses. She is also a model, a TV host, an author, and an activist. Her debut to show business was as a cover for Playboy Magazine, 1993 edition.

One of McCarthy’s trademarks is her brunette hair. She often dyes her hair but admits she is “in highest demand when she is brunette.” However, the style comes with a risk. One time, she realized that she had dandruff, and the brunette color made the flakes hard to spot.


5. Elvis Presley

Celebrities with Dandruff 5

Popularity seems to be able to get people anywhere and anything. However, it may not be the case with hair problems like dandruff. Even the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, cannot escape from it.

On the 25th anniversary of the legendary singer’s death, Nik Cohn, a columnist, wrote an article as a tribute. In the article, he was reminiscing about her memory with Presley. Cohn fondly described Presley, stating that she has long and greasy hair with dandruff on his collar.

6.  T’Keyah Crystal Keymah

Celebrities with Dandruff 6

T’Keyah Crystal Keymah is a name she chose after being born Crystal Walker. She is an American actress, singer, activist, and theatrical show producer. She is very active and has been in the show business industry since her debut in 1982.

Keymah has a very distinctive look. He has glowing black skin and naturally curly hair. In one article, she shares her secret to keeping her hair healthy and admitting how to get rid of dandruff. One of her favorite tricks is to apply rosemary oil before she shampoos.

7. Angelababy

Asian Celebrities with Dandruff


Angela “Angelababy” Yeung Wing is a Chinese singer, actress, and model. Her debut in 2017 went smooth, though she only stars as a cameo. From then on, she paves her way into even greater fame.

As a prominent figure, Angelababy regularly gets invited to fashion events. However, once a photo from Christian Dior Fashion Show back in 2019 circled, the internet went into commotion. It seems that there are a lot of white flakes on Angelababy’s hair.

8. Dave Barry

Celebrities with Dandruff 8

Dave Barry is a wordsmith. He is an author whose work ranges from children’s novels to columns in newspapers and big media. Some of his work is also getting a film adaptation, one of them collaborating with Disney, and its release date is soon to be announced.

Around 2002, Barry got caught in a rumor of having a special relationship with Penelope Cruz. So, he wrote to the media to straighten things out and called off the allegations. In the letter, he stated that one of the wardrobe staff helped him remove dandruff flakes from his jacket.

9. Bill Gates

Celebrities with Dandruff 9

Who does not know Bill Gates? The man is known globally as a software developer, an investor, an author, and a philanthropist. The product that he co-founded, Microsoft, remains number one in the operating system market up to this day.

Behind his excellent thoughts and eccentric humor, Gates has been having dandruff problems since a young age. Gates does not even try to hide it. In an article published on the internet, several mentioned Gates having “persistent dandruff.”

10. Sara Ali Khan

Bollywood Actresses With Dandruff

A fan of Bollywood movies should know how mesmerizing Bollywood’s actresses’ hair looks. It has the volume and the shine, and it looks super healthy.

However, there are also some Bollywood actresses with dandruff, and Sara Ali Khan is one of them. The 1995-born actress confessed to having a dandruff problem, and she does special treatment for it. For example, she admits to putting onion juice on her hair for 20 minutes to eliminate dandruff.

How to get rid of dandruff? Unfortunately, dandruff is a recurring problem. It can occur anytime without regular treatment. However, it is different than the flaking presented on people with psoriasis, like Kim Kardashian.

Even so, you should not fret. Because these celebrities with dandruff only prove that stars are just like most people, and perfection does not exist.

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