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Did Kacey Musgraves Get Plastic Surgery? Here’s What Expert Says

In recent years, rumors about Kacey Musgraves plastic surgery have hit the front pages of the tabloids multiple times. The “Space Cowboy” singer is said to have gone under the knife following her stunning transformation in the past decade. So far, there has been no confirmation of these speculations.

However, the press and fans of the country singer alike are still marveling at what happened to her face since no woman of Kacey Musgraves’ age looks as good as she does.

Comparing a series of photos, industry insiders shared their professional opinions on the cosmetic procedures the “Butterflies” star may have received throughout her career. Here are the breakdowns.

Did Kacey Musgraves Have Plastic Surgery?

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Kacey Musgraves Plastic Surgery Before & After
Kacey Musgraves Before and After Plastic Surgery. Image via Gettyimages

Kacey Musgraves’ Instagram (@spaceykacey) chronicles various aspects of the Grammy Awards-winning singer’s life, from her tours to behind-the-scenes of her music-related projects.

While it is a great platform to communicate with her supporters, it also doubles as an archive that records Musgraves’ evolution over time. Aside from the changes in her persona, the differences in Musgraves’ visage are another area that caught the eyes of social media users the most.

The biggest alterations were noticeable on Musgraves’ nose, lips, and cheeks. As such, the following cosmetic surgeries were assumed responsible for the 34-year-old’s makeover.

A Nose Job

Dr. Dennis Schimpf, a board-certified surgeon in the South Carolina area, confirms that Kacey Musgraves’s 2022 self is no longer the lovely singer she once was. Musgraves has evolved into a high-profile star just like the rest of today’s Hollywood celebrities.

Dr. Schimpf, who did not treat the “High Horse” singer, mentioned that Musgraves’ new nose might have contributed to the image. Compared to her old nose, it appears thinner now. Also, the bump on the bridge, which made her nose so distinctive, is gone. These may be achievable through a rhinoplasty or nose job.

Buccal Fat Removal

In the early days of Musgraves’ career, she was popular for her plump, adorable cheeks. Now in her thirties, the Texas native looks more toned with prominent cheekbones. Many thought that she might have shed some pounds. In contrast, Dr. Schimpf spotted a possible cosmetic procedure behind the dramatic makeover.

Musgraves was likely to undergo buccal fat removal. This cheek reduction surgery not only removes the deep fat layer in the lower thirds of the cheeks but also accentuates the bone structure of the area. Although her previous face looked youthful, the “Rainbow” singer may have found it too full and did not quite like it.


Kacey Musgraves Before & After


Dr. Anthony Youn, a surgeon who did not treat Musgraves, also noticed a subtle difference in her lips. There is an increase in volume to the lower part, while her lips were rather thin. A non-surgical treatment, such as fillers, may be chosen to achieve such plump pouts.

However, Dr. Youn added that the results looked good on Musgraves. Since they have been done with her facial harmony in mind, they appear natural. She may also use fillers on her cheeks, considering how defined they are. Eventually, they may have replaced the contouring function in her makeup routine.

Final Verdicts

Considering the many Kacey Musgraves plastic surgery options, the “Star Crossed” singer has come out on top in her game to remain eye-catching. However, in the absence of a first-source confession, such expert judgments will remain speculations for god knows how long.

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