What Happened to Ariana Grande’s Face? Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

The Nickelodeon alum has repeatedly denied allegations of going under the knife to enhance her appearance. Yet, the audience has noticed that her face has noticeably changed a lot in the last decade following the evolution of her persona. What is the truth about Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery rumors?

Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Transformation

Here are what industry experts say about Ariana Grande’s transformation over the years.

Did Ariana Grande Have a Brow Lift?

One plastic surgery enthusiast commented that it was very likely that the Into You singer had a brow lift due to the difference in her old and new photos. In recent years, Ariana Grande’s eyebrows sit higher on her face.

However, it is notable that the songstress may have had one that was surgical rather than simply a Botox injection in the space between her brows.

That much is clear from raising Grande’s entire brow rather than just the outer corners. The reason for this is that the procedure involves the lifting of tissues as opposed to Botox.

Did Ariana Grande Have Nose Jobs?

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before & After

The pop sweetheart reportedly also had her nose corrected. Before the release of her debut album Yours Truly in 2013, Grande had a cute nose with a rather bulbous and downturned tip. The bridge was also fairly wide. But her nose shape underwent a lot of changes soon after.

Insiders believe that the 29-year-old had not one but several rhinoplasties. The procedure may have been responsible for repositioning her droopy nose tip. As a result, it has a more feminine but less prominent angle. The size has visibly shrunk, too.

Whatever Grande did to achieve the look, her new nose has a natural appearance without the pinched impression.

Did Ariana Grande Have Lip Fillers?

Perhaps the Bang Bang hitmaker’s biggest makeover happened to her lips. Observing her before and after photos, surgeons claim that Grande may have had lip fillers to get her plumpy pout.

The injections were probably mainly done on her upper lip as it was previously somewhat thin. The cosmetic treatment seemed to add volume and definition to her lips. Nevertheless, some Arianators insist that it resulted from a clever makeup technique.


Did Ariana Grande Have a Boob Job?

Ariana Grande Breast Implants

Changes are also visible on the pop diva’s body. Once an angelic teenager, Ariana Grande is now a glamorous beauty with a curvy frame. Her image as the girl next door slowly dissipates as she grows up. Is it possible that breast augmentation is behind Grande’s metamorphosis?

Grande’s bust looks different depending on her stage costume or everyday clothes. Therefore, a boob job may not be a contributing factor in this case. The Grammy Award-winning singer may simply have her “glow up”. Also, it is possible that she underwent a rigorous workout routine to sculpt her body.

Final Verdicts

Since starting her music career at 15, Ariana Grande has come a long way to be where she is today. That journey has played a huge role in shaping who she is today, whether in her work or looks.

And whether or not Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery was part of that journey, she has managed to cement her name in history as one of the most successful female singers. The world not only recognizes her for her singing talent but also for her breathtaking beauty.

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