Did Saweetie Have Plastic Surgery to Boost Her Appearance?

The 29-year-old rapper has been one of the major names in today’s music industry since she was first discovered in 2012. Often under the media spotlight, Saweetie has garnered public attention not only for her music but also for her looks. Rumors about Saweetie’s plastic surgery often bubble up even among her own fans.

There is no denying that Saweetie is breathtaking, and the audience is eager to learn the secrets behind her stunning persona. For Saweetie’s age, having such a fine look without getting any nips and tucks sounds too good to be true. Does she, like many other famous Hollywood beauties, have good doctors to turn to?

Keep reading to find out.

Did Saweetie Have a Butt Lift?

Saweetie Butt Implants

It is not an exaggeration to call Saweetie one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Thus, it is no surprise that social media users suspected she might have had a butt augmentation to achieve a head-turning body. Some even considered crediting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) as the main reason.

However, there is no indication that Saweetie’s BBL is responsible for her remarkable body. Many of her followers attributes it to the fact that the “Icy Girl” singer is of Black and Filipino descent. Therefore, it is only natural that Saweetie is endowed with a curvaceous physique.

Since there are very few photos of Saweetie young before her stardom, no confirmation is provided as to whether or not she ever got any extra work done to enhance her bum. Nonetheless, based on her photos taken as early as her graduation from the University of Southern California, her body remains the same.

Did Saweetie Have a Boob Job?

Saweetie Plastic Surgery Before & After

Onlookers said that Saweetie might be ‘guilty’ of breast implants. Her widely circulated photos at the beginning of her fame showed Saweetie with smaller breasts. Fast forward to today, the granddaughter of Willie Harper appears to have much more lifted and bigger breasts.

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular types of elective surgery in the United States in recent years. In fact, almost five percent of women across the country undergo this cosmetic procedure. Its popularity is due in part to women’s dissatisfaction with their breasts.

Plus, a perception prevails that bigger breasts mean more attention, as demonstrated by popular influencers who mostly have curvier bodies. Even A-listers are leaning toward this kind of look now. And so, perhaps the pressures of Hollywood eventually overwhelmed Saweetie as well.


What did She Say?

Despite the rumors running wild, Saweetie has no problem with what people are saying behind her back. The California native refreshingly joked about the speculations during an interview for Hollywood Unlocked 2019.

“I think I already answered that,” Saweetie told host Jason Lee when she was questioned about the veracity of the circulating allegations.

Then, Saweetie thoughtfully added that going under the knife is a personal decision. She emphasized that she is a believer in do-what-makes-you-feel-good. This may imply that there is a grain of truth to Saweetie’s plastic surgery claims. But as she said, they mean nothing as long as the rapper is confident in her own body.

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