What Happened to Demi Moore? Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Demi Moore, 60, is acclaimed for her youthful beauty. However, spectators were left perplexed once Moore made her startlingly different debut at Paris Fashion Week in 2021. Fans expressed their surprise at Demi Moore’s plastic surgery riddle on Twitter.

One person observed that the Ghost icon did not resemble the person she formerly was. Another was worried that the actress may have gone too far in her desire to get surgery. How did she get the overall “plastic” appearance?

Below, we have listed several procedures the A Few Good Men actress allegedly may have undergone, as told by industry insiders.

Demi Moore’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Demi Moore's Plastic Surgery

Did Demi Moore Have a Facelift?

Demi Moore’s recent pictures reveal that the actress appears much more sculpted. She has prominent cheekbones. Moreover, she has a more gaunt appearance than usual. A shadow was visible below her cheekbones and at the corners of her mouth, which many believe was the result of buccal fat removal.

But according to Dr. Val Lambros, a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon from California, the operation was unrelated to her most recent performance on that runway event. Dr. Lambros notes that Moore’s cross-cheek depression is evidence of the “Joker deformity,” caused by the facelift.

Of course, no one goes under the knife to achieve this look, so what happened to Demi Moore?

Was the surgeon merely incompetent when it came to Moore’s Joker deformity? Or is the surgeon making up for further sagging that will come with aging naturally?

According to board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Timothy R. Miller, Moore may already have had a crease from her mouth’s sides that reached her ear before surgery. Therefore, a facelift has probably worsened the Joker lines and made her look “pulled.”


Did Demi Moore Have Fillers?

Demi Moore's Plastic Surgery Before and After

Injectables, particularly fillers on Moore’s cheeks and lips, may have contributed to her shocking new appearance in addition to a facelift. Cosmetic surgeon Amar Suchde claims that the volume and type of filler added to her face’s width.

Suchde also speculates that the Disclosure star probably has too much facial filler. Her pillowy face, which results from excessive filling in the cheeks and under the eyes, makes it obvious. She also develops a constant mid-face bulge that resembles a pillow.

Typically, youth is associated with full cheeks. However, using too much filler causes unnaturally puffed cheeks that look improper for her age and artificial. Moore appears better when her contours are more naturally defined, according to Suchde.

It also appears as though she got lip fillers. Suchde observes a small amount of swelling under her lower lip in comparing Demi Moore’s then and now photos, suggesting that she may have had fillers there as well.

Final Verdicts

Fans could not help but notice the obvious alterations on Moore’s face once she graced the runway, even though Moore remained silent about speculations that she had cosmetic surgery. Yet, pictures of Moore’s bloated, Joker-like face going viral online spoke louder.

Her diehard fans are disappointed that Moore can hardly be recognized these days, especially after the mother of three stated in a 2019 interview that she was accepting aging. Nevertheless, as seen by these rumors about Demi Moore’s plastic surgery in recent years, Moore likely has changed her mind.

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