10 Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

The truth is, baldness is a nightmare for almost everyone. Some of the people are even undergoing treatment if there are signs of baldness. One of the bald treatments is a hair transplant. It is not only popular among ordinary people because some black celebrities have hair transplants.

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

Top 10 Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

If you want to know, does hair transplant work for African American hair? Then the answer is yes. Technology does its job well. So, right now, you can do a hair transplant treatment even if you have ethical hair. For example, here are the lists of Black celebrities who have undergone hair transplants!

1.  Deion Sanders

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

The first one on the list is Deion Sanders, a former American Football star. He is one of the Black celebrities who underwent the hair transplant treatment and is not ashamed. However, his restored hair transplant is not embarrassing at all.

A hair transplant is not something you should with ashamed of, and Deion Sanders agrees with it. He looks so happy with his new hair, so we also have to be pleased for him too. The truth is, Deion Sanders looked amazing when he was bald. However, he still looked as impressive as before with his new hair.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

If you want to know which celebrity has had a hair transplant? Then, one of the answers is Oprah Winfrey. The popular MC for the talk shows The Oprah Winfrey show is one of the celebrities who underwent a black hair transplant. Oprah Winfrey did all this treatment because she was experiencing severe hair loss.

Therefore, to prevent baldness, she underwent hair transplant treatment. Aside from that, Oprah Winfrey also did it to look younger, which is valid. Well, the fact is, she still looks beautiful no matter how her hair is. So be it before or after the hair transplant treatment that she is done.

3. Tory Lanez

Black Male Celebrity Hair Transplant Before And After

The next one is Tory Lanez, a rapper who has already admitted that he has undergone treatment for a hair transplant. This black male celebrity hair transplant before and after steals the public’s attention. Then, he admitted that he had already seen a doctor for the hair transplant treatment.

If you are curious about celebrity hair transplant costs, they are mostly more expensive than average or standard hair transplant costs. They usually paid $50.000 or higher. So, Tory Lanez expected to pay the price around it to get a hair transplant.

4. Naomi Campbell

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants 4

Then there is Naomi Campbell, also known as one of the female celebrities with a hair transplant. The fact is, the supermodel has been undergoing hair transplant treatment because she has traction alopecia. It is caused by prolonged hair pulling, eventually leading to acute hair loss.

Naomi Campbell underwent hair treatment to prevent herself from balding, and one of them was a hair transplant. After that, her hair looks healthier than before. She also looks happier because of it, which is good for her. Naomi’s new hair makes her look gorgeous than she already is.


5. Tyga

Black Celebrities Who Had Undergone Hair Transplant Treatment

The next celebrity is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, or you know as the rapper Tyga. He is one of the black celebrities who had undergone hair transplant treatment. At first, it is more like a public secret that Tyga has a hair transplant. However, Nicky Minaj then basically confirmed the rumor about it.

But, honestly, the sign that Tyga had a hair transplant is slightly too obvious before Nicky Minaj talks about it. So, when the rumor is confirmed, nobody is surprised because you cannot just have hair like that all of a sudden after there is a sign of baldness.

6. Safaree

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

Not only Tyga but Nicky Minaj also confirmed that Safaree also had a hair transplant. It is surprising, but also not at the same time because many people think he has one. The sign of it is pretty obvious. However, some people also did not expect it at all.

7. Idris Elba

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants

Then, there is Idris Elba, who became one of a few black actors with a hair transplant. The fact is, it is pretty obvious that he underwent treatment. It is to overcome the sign of baldness that he began to experience. Many people believe he has hair transplant treatment because he began appearing in public with much healthier hair. After previously, various bald spots were seen. However, there is nothing wrong with undergoing hair transplant treatment. If he is happy with his new hair, then who are we to judge it?

8. Chris Brown

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants 8

The next celebrity who is rumored to have a hair transplant is Chris Brown. Years before, people noticed that the top singer was balding. There are balding spots right there and here. However, he suddenly appears with so much healthier hair.

It has made people suspect that Chris Brown has undergone a hair transplant. The sign that he had one is pretty obvious. So, many people believe that he had a hair transplant to overcome his baldness.

9. LeBron James

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants 9

Then, there is also an NBA star who has a rumor that he underwent a hair transplant. Honestly, it is obvious that he had one. It is because he has been seen to have a hair loss problem. There is a bald spot that is very much prominent. However, suddenly the bald spot disappeared.

Instead, a hairline is starting to show in the previously bald spot. So, people believe that he had a hair transplant.

10. Lewis Hamilton

Black Celebrities with Hair Transplants 10

Last but not least, there is Lewis Hamilton, who is believed to have had a hair transplant. The fact is, the sign of hair transplant treatment from him is kind of obvious. Before, you can see his bald spot. However, you can no longer see it because the hair lines have replaced it.

So, those are the lists of Black celebrities with hair transplants that you need to know. Most of them are doing it to overcome baldness or a sign of baldness, which is valid. They also look happier and more confident because of it.

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