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Cardi B’s Plastic Surgery Confessions, From Breast Implants to Buttock Augmentation

Nowadays, it seems to be acceptable to acknowledge having had surgery. It is encouraging that celebrities are candid about occasionally getting nips and tucks. One example that sparks a relevant discussion about beauty standards is Cardi B’s plastic surgery confessions.

While many Hollywood celebrities keep their plastic surgery experience a secret, the rapper was refreshingly open about her choices. This post will examine a few cosmetic treatments the WAP singer has done in the past.

Cardi B’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Cardi B's Plastic Surgery Before and After


In May 2019, the Grammy Award-winning musician disclosed that she had undergone liposuction. It is a well-known type of plastic surgery where cannulas remove and suck fat from a certain body area. In particular, Cardi B underwent liposuction to shape her abdomen and remove fat.

In a 2021 interview with E! News, Cardi B claimed that the stages were quite demanding and that it took a very long time for the results to materialize. She needed a lengthy recovery period following the treatment, which might last up to four months.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald, a liposuction practitioner in New York City, claims that patients can anticipate noticing a minor improvement in the treated area’s contour immediately following surgery. However, the early swelling and skin contraction will delay the eventual outcomes’ stabilization.

Breast Augmentation

In addition, the mother of two disclosed that she had a breast augmentation following the birth of her daughter Kulture. Cardi B said in an interview with VladTV that she has always wanted to have her breasts altered since she was 16.

According to Cardi B, her daughter wrecked her breasts, so she underwent plastic surgery to have them enlarged. The actress had previously undergone the same surgery while employed by a strip club.

Cardi B expressed satisfaction with the outcomes; several Instagram images featuring her amazing physique make this clear.

Nevertheless, she had to cancel some of her concerts due to difficulties after her operation. She added that because she did not take the time to fully recuperate from her surgery, flying to concerts caused her body to swell.


Butt Implants

Cardi B Butt Implants

After having her initial breast augmentation, Cardi B began questioning her body image. Then, to enhance her curves, she sought out illegal silicone injections. Despite being pleased with the outcome, she remembered how distressing the event had been.

However, it is crucial to remember that receiving illegal butt injections is exceedingly risky. According to Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, unauthorized silicon injections are hazardous since they can lead to several medical issues.

Some of the risks include permanent disfigurement, infections, and cancer. In some cases, it can also lead to death.

Final Verdicts

One of the rare famous people who openly admit to feeling confident in herself and enjoying her beauty is Cardi B. Her fans adore her for being open about her experience with plastic surgery, which is liberating.

Society needs more public figures like Cardi B, who freely admits to having cosmetic surgery. Nothing is wrong if you keep your plastic surgery strictly confidential. Yet, stars who downplay evident plastic surgery tend to establish ridiculous standards.

On the other hand, Cardi B’s plastic surgery disclosures go a long way toward dispelling erroneous assumptions about aging and beauty.

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