What’s The Secret of Helen Hunt’s Flawless Skin? Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Although Helen Hunt, 59, has never confirmed or refuted allegations that she underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks, the public cannot help but wonder if she did. The rumors about Helen Hunt’s plastic surgery were not without starting points.

Despite her advanced age, the As Good As It Gets starlet still seems fresh. What are the secrets behind her flawless skin’s lack of wrinkles? Does she merely reap the benefits of her good genes and premium anti-aging beauty regimen?

The youthful appearance of the Academy Award-winning actress seems to be a topic of debate among industry insiders.

Helen Hunt’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Helen Hunt's Plastic Surgery

Did Helen Hunt Get Botox?

When Hunt stunned viewers with her unrecognizably altered appearance in December 2019, she was dogged by suspicions of plastic surgery for the first time. Along with Paul Reiser, the Twister actress was a guest at the Mad About You revival’s red carpet premiere.

Hunt rapidly generated buzz thanks to her gorgeous yet “plastic” skin. Her longtime fans were especially shocked. One claimed that the Soul Surfer actress’ new appearance was just a shadow of her former self. Many people expressed regret on Twitter about the actress’ apparent excessive decision to obtain injectables.

Such discussion occurred upon comparing Hunt’s before and after photos. A photograph of Hunt, who was 36 and shot in October 1999, revealed aging on her face. Fine lines and creases rang her mouth and eyes. Imagine that they miraculously vanished 20 years later!

Plastic surgery enthusiasts claim that the former child actress had Botox used to address the wrinkles and fine lines on her face. They also agree that Hunt must have overdone the injections. Her new face looks frozen, as seen by the restricted movement of her facial muscles.


Did Helen Hunt Have Lifting Procedures?

Helen Hunt's Plastic Surgery Before & After

Dr. Adam Schaffner, a New York-based plastic surgeon, thinks Hunt may have undergone a facelift and neck lift in addition to Botox to change her appearance. She might have also had a thread lifted to turn back the clock, says Dr. Schaffner.

Holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn concurs with his colleague that Hunt most likely had a facelift and apparent eyelid-lift. The Pay It Forward actress looked to have sagging skin on the lower section of her face in photos taken before 2019.

Hunt’s skin appears tighter in recent photos, particularly around her mouth, eyes, and neck. She no longer has jowls, probably as a result of the neck lift. These lifting procedures also appear to eliminate extra fat deposits from her face and neck.

Final Verdicts

Helen Hunt has never acknowledged or refuted claims that she went under the knife to look younger until now. However, photographs of her speak louder and convince keen-eyed fans that the mother of one must have used surgical treatment to delay aging.

The actress and director nonetheless seem content with her new appearance and unconcerned by those Helen Hunt’s plastic surgery accusations. On the other hand, movie enthusiasts are ecstatic about her forthcoming work as she is said to be back for the production of her acclaimed catastrophe sequel to Twister next year.

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