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Here Are Mina Good Bones Plastic Surgery Procedures

Are you a fan of HGTV’s hit show Good Bones? Then you are probably familiar with the dynamic duo, mother-daughter team Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk. But did you know about Mina Good Bones plastic surgery? That is right! Interestingly, she is not shy about sharing the ups and downs of her experience.

Mina is a mother of two; like many women, she struggled to return to her pre-baby body. Instead of keeping it hidden, she chose to be open and share her journey with her followers. From her initial consultation to her post-op recovery, Mina has been transparent about her experience.

Mina Good Bones Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Mina Good Bones Plastic Surgery

Moreover, the results have been nothing short of amazing! Here are the cosmetic procedures Mina underwent to achieve her desired body transformation.


Mina recently opened up to People magazine about her journey to regain her pre-baby body. She candidly shared that she felt self-conscious about her post-baby body and wanted to regain her confidence. And one of the steps she took to achieve her desired results as liposuction.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fat from specific body areas using a hollow stainless steel tube called a cannula and a vacuum device. It’s a common procedure that helps sculpt and contour the body, giving patients a more toned and defined appearance.

The author’s decision to undergo a “mommy makeover” was not easy. At first, she felt uncertain about the procedure. However, once she opened up about her decision to her fans, she was overwhelmed with the support and understanding from other mothers who had gone through similar experiences.

Breast Implants

Additionally, Mina’s makeover included getting breast implants. Breast implants, also known as boob jobs, are a popular cosmetic procedure that helps to enhance the size and shape of breasts. It is a surgical procedure where an implant is filled with saline or silicone and placed under the breast tissue or chest muscle.

The business owner wanted to give her breasts the lift they needed after breastfeeding her two little ones. Furthermore, she wanted to feel sexy in her own skin, and the breast implants helped her achieve that.

The new look was not only a personal win for Mina, but it also left her husband Steve weak in the knees. Ever since the power couple has opened up about the fairytale romance and how Mina’s transformation has added a whole new chapter to their love story.


Final Verdicts

When the bill came in for Mina’s mommy makeover, it was a pretty penny! Mina’s plastic surgery cost between $9,000 and $20,000. Yet, considering Mina Good Bones’ net worth, it is not impossible for her to achieve her dream transformation.

That being said, Mina admits it was all worth it and is grateful for the opportunity. And, as many women shared with her, not all of us are blessed with the same financial freedom; some cannot make their dream makeover a reality.

All in all, Mina Good Bones plastic surgery was a courageous and empowering decision. She serves as an inspiration for any woman considering plastic surgery as a way to feel better in their own skin. The best part is that Mina Starsiak’s family fully supported her decision.

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