The Truth About Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Rumors

Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rumors have been a hot topic of discussion among her fans and celebrity watchers for quite some time. Is it true that the actress has gone under the knife to enhance her beauty? Let’s take a closer look.

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Rumors

While Kaling has never publicly addressed the issue, whispers suggest that there are some artificial means involved. Plastic surgery enthusiasts and industry insiders have taken matters into their own hands. And here are the changes that the producer may have made to her face and body throughout her career.

Did Mindy Kaling Have Skin Bleaching?

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mindy Kaling now has fair skin, but it was not always the case. Back in the days when Kaling played Kelly Kapoor in The Office, she was distinguished by her darker skin that matched her ethnic origin, Indian. However, she now appears to have a skin tone several shades lighter than before.

Therefore, many accused her of undergoing skin bleaching. Skin bleaching, also called skin lightening, is a cosmetic procedure involving using chemical products to achieve a lighter complexion.

While it is true that Kaling now has a different skin tone, there is no evidence of whether she underwent the procedure. A percentage of Kaling’s fans mentioned that it could be due to filters, lighting, and makeup.

Did Mindy Kaling Have a Nose Job?

Mindy Kaling Nose Job Before & After

Scrutiny has also been placed on the screenwriter’s ‘new’ nose. Her followers, especially, noticed the changes in her nose through Mandy Kaling’s Instagram posts gradually after 2018. As shown in photos taken in her debut days, Kaling has a rather wide and short nose with a bulbous tip.

However, the author now appears to have a narrower nose with a higher bridge. These differences led to claims of Kaling getting some touch-ups on her nose.

Kaling probably underwent surgery to narrow her nose. Even so, applying clever makeup techniques can lead to similar effects. Either way, Kaling has gotten some nice extra help for a natural-looking nose that matches the rest of her facial features.

Did Mindy Kaling Have Botox?

Mindy Kaling Before and After

Onlookers assumed that she had gotten injections after the launch of The Mindy Project to maintain her fresh looks. Most believed that no woman of Mindy Kaling’s age looked that good.

Kaling has smooth skin with a nice glow despite turning 43 years old. Both her face and neck show little to no signs of aging. These hints prompted the public to assume that Botox might be the Late Night star’s non-surgical procedure of choice. However, blogger Kass Barrera takes a different stance on this matter.

Barrera pointed out that, despite Kaling’s wrinkle-free forehead and cheeks, faint smile lines are still visible on her face. Also, Kaling has been rocking her amazing skin for years now, per Barrera. So, Botox might not be her thing.

Final Verdicts

Being a star is certainly a double-edged sword. In Mindy Kaling’s case, for example, her fame has brought her more fortune and resources to better herself and issues surrounding her changing looks. Some people quickly judged her for frequenting the surgeon’s office when she appeared different.

There have been no official comments on Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rumors. Until proven otherwise, Kaling’s beauty can be attributed to her Indian genes and healthy lifestyle. As the Ocean 8 actress told TODAY, exercise makes a difference for her body and soul.


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