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Did Monét Mazur Get Plastic Surgery?

Long before she played Laura Baker in the drama series All American, Monét Mazur was a professional model. Her iconic aesthetic has been dazzling audiences for more than two decades. Given her illustrious career, it is no surprise that rumors of Monét Mazur plastic surgery have been buzzing for a while.

Her fans noticed some changes in both her persona and appearance. Although they are subtle and barely noticeable to the eye, people wonder what exactly she has done to her face. Monét has yet to comment on the whispers about her transformation.

Hence, we are taking matters into our own hands to put a good end to the debate.

Monét Mazur Plastic Surgery Procedures

Monet Mazur Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Monét Mazur Get a Nose Job?

Monét suddenly appeared in the latest season of All American with a new face. Fans of the show immediately took to social media, scratching their heads over what had happened to Laura Baker.

After comparing footage from earlier and more recent seasons, people alleged that Monét had retouched her nose sometime before filming.

Before the alleged cosmetic procedure, the mother-of-two had a longer, flatter nose. Fast forward to today, her nose appears thinner and well-defined with a more upturned tip. Had she gone under the knife to get her nose tweaked? Monét would have won the game.

Most of her followers praised her for how her new nose harmonized with the rest of her facial features. However, Monét did not get a rhinoplasty to improve her looks merely, let alone propel her career. She kindly shared with her fans while addressing the elephant in the room.

Surprisingly, Monét had to turn to plastic surgery due to an accident. The mishap had broken her nose, so she had no choice but to get it fixed. But, the California native left out the details of exactly what accident she had suffered. Nonetheless, the audience did not press her further and celebrated her perfect new look.


Did Monét Mazur Have Botox?

There are hardly any A-listers who have not dabbled in Botox to beat back the signs of aging. So, when onlookers noticed that Monét was showing off a wrinkle-free face despite approaching her 50s, they suspected that she might have also taken advantage of this cosmetic procedure.

Monét looks amazing, unlike many women her age who have already developed pronounced lines on their faces. Whispers suggest that the CSI: Miami actress had Botox injections to combat the wrinkles on her forehead and crow’s feet. The aesthetic treatment has also blessed her with a glowing complexion.

Monét has never been forthcoming about whether she is a fan of Botox. But when asked about her beauty secrets, she chalked up her youthful face to sunscreen and moisturizer. Some of her favorite products include high-end brands.

In addition, Monét credited her go-to dermatologist, Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenacas, who Monét said has “completely transformed her skin.”

Final Verdicts

Monét Mazur’s plastic surgery rumors are unlikely to fizzle out anytime soon. The blonde stunner keeps people curious about the reasons behind her makeover, which they consider better than most celebs. It might just be a by-product of her industrious skincare regimen. What do you think?

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