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Did Nina Dobrev Get Plastic Surgery?

Fans of The Vampire Diaries series sparked rumors about Nina Dobrev plastic surgery when the actress looked slightly different in recent years. Speculations about her potential cosmetic procedures surfaced. Viewers wondered what the star might have done to her face when she walked off the set.

Nina Dobrev’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

We studied and compared her old and new photos to find out what might be responsible for Nina’s makeover. Here are our findings.

Nina Dobrev Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Nina Dobrev Get an Eyelid Surgery?

As we zoomed in on Nina Dobrev’s Instagram posts, we noticed one facial feature that changed the most: her eyelids. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star has exhibited more wide-eyed in recent years than at the beginning of her career. Such an effect was achieved seemingly as a result of her enlarged eyelids.

Allegations of Nina going under the knife quickly snowballed, although many of her fans attributed her new look to her allergies. Consequently, discussions around Nina Dobrev’s allergic reaction gained popularity on online forums, especially on Reddit.

The Canadian actress told People in 2019 that she suffers from anaphylactic shock from time to time. The shock caused severe itchiness and swelling in Nina’s eyes, followed by breathing and swallowing difficulties that landed her in the emergency room later that year.

Despite her confession, some audiences did not easily buy into it. They were still fixated on the dramatic changes seen in Nina before and after the eyelid surgery as they speculated.

Did Nina Dobrev Get a Nose Job?

Finding traces of rhinoplasty in a celebrity is easy. After all, this cosmetic procedure can create a dramatically new impression on its patients. So when we compared photos of a young Nina Dobrev and those taken in her 30s, we were confident that The Final Girls actress had yet to retouch her nose.

Nina has a distinctive button nose, although it could be more symmetrical. Contrary to popular belief, that facial feature has remained the same over the years. If it appears slightly inconsistent on different occasions, the look is probably a by-product of contouring.


Did Nina Dobrev Have Botox?

Botox remains popular as a wrinkle remover favored by many A-listers. Thus, it is normal to suspect that Nina might experiment with this treatment to maintain her glow. The People’s Choice Awards-winning actress has passed her third decade.

Yet, upon closer inspection, we could not find any indication that Nina had turned to Botox. She may now choose to embrace aging gracefully, considering the natural fine lines on the areas around her eyes and forehead. However, in the next few years, Nina might start dabbling in Botox to stay fresh.

Final Verdicts

No confirmation or debunking has been issued regarding the rumors surrounding Nina Dobrev’s plastic surgery and her revamped appearance. Mixed opinions emerged as a result, with some insisting Nina had gotten help from a good doctor while others believed it was due to maturity. What do you think?

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