10 Strongest Lookism Characters Everyone Should Know

Lookism has a solid and interesting story. This webtoon shows us how people prefer those who have an outwardly attractive appearance to those who are unattractive. The story is about young people who can switch to two different bodies so they can experience other treatments from people. There are some Strongest Lookism characters you will learn by reading the following article.

This Korean webtoon written by Park Tae-Joon is worth watching because you can learn many surprises throughout the series. Get to know the following Lookism character with powerful abilities for your best interests.

Top 10 Strongest Lookism Characters

Strongest Lookism Characters

The following are the 10 strongest Lookism characters you should know:

1. Gun

Strongest Lookism Characters

Gun lookism is among the major characters with strength because he has shown consistent high-level fighting in the series. He masters several fighting styles such as Aikido, Kyokushin karate, and Capoeira. Not only is he a good fighter, but he is also proficient in using his weapons.

However, Park Jong Gun is still a mysterious person due to his unknown background and history. He is an exceptionally talented individual, so Tom Lee himself trains him. He is assigned to be the bodyguard of Crystal Choi due to his powerful strength and fighting prowess.

2. Jun Goo

Strongest Lookism Characters

Even though Jun Goo Lookism is an antagonist character, he is among the strongest characters to consider. His characters are uncaring and unpredictable, yet he is an easygoing person. His latest character is advantageous because it helps him win many fights. Goo is a prominent fighter because he has an equivalent footing to Jong Gun.

Goo is also a master at fighting, especially using nearby weapons such as wood planks or chairs. He is a fantastic fighter due to his remarkable stamina and strength during every fight. Although he is an easygoing individual, he will be serious when holding the Korean sword because he is its heir.

3. Eli Jang

Strongest Lookism Characters

Any Lookism fan will not miss Eli Jang because he is one of the Lookism main characters. He has become an idol for many girls at J Highschool due to his tall stature and attractive look. Although Eli is a kindhearted person, he is the most savage and aggressive fighter. He is a strong and effective fighter because he will use all attacks to end the fight the fastest way.

Eli will be more savage when cornered and use his opponents’ belongings such as apparel and accessories as weapons.

Eli’s background was rough because he had to face torture from his stepmother. However, he ran away from home and lived on the street where Mr. Carpenter found and brought him up.

4. Olly Wang

Strongest Lookism Characters

Wang O-Chun is a famous character in Lookism because he is an antagonist whose role is as the head of Hostel A. Everyone will recognize him as evil due to his reckless and psychotic face.

Olly underwent training with Gun and befriended Eli so that they could help him to be more powerful. He is considered to have supernatural endurance due to his fearlessness of anything and feels no pain.

5. Daniel Park

Strongest Lookism Characters

Daniel is an extraordinary person because he can switch between two bodies. His original body is overweight and short, and wearing round glasses. However, when he switches to the other body, he is a good-looking individual with a healthy and athletic body.

Daniel is an exceptional fighter because he can memorize fighting techniques and execute them flawlessly like a skilled expert. He is among the strongest characters because he can easily copy his opponent’s techniques and return the attacks powerfully. Daniel is also a noteworthy fighter because he can clearly see his opponents’ attacks and dodge or fights them back with power.


6. Johan Seong

Strongest Lookism Characters

Johan Seong is inevitable because he is among Lookism male characters. He’s handsome and hot. Unfortunately, he becomes a target of bullies due to his care for others and timidity. However, he is an incredible fighter because he can execute a fighting technique simply by watching it once.

He always restrains his potential fighting power because he does not want to cause any trouble for his mother. However, he is able to reach his highest potential power upon saving his mom from being stoned to death.

7. Jake Kim

Strongest Lookism Characters 7

Jake Kim, also named Kim Gimyeong, is a famous character due to his role as the leader of the Big Deal gang. He chose to be a gangster because his father, a renowned gang leader, keeps neglecting his mother.

Although Jake is a gang leader, you may notice that Jake has a charismatic and charming personality. However, he is among the strongest unordinary characters because he adopts MMA and street fighting styles to knock down his enemies.

8. Vin Jin

Strongest Lookism Characters 8

Although Vin Jin, or Jin Ho Bin, is a Vocal and Dance Department student, he becomes one of the strongest characters in J High School. Some fans agree that he should be put on the Lookism tier list due to his fighting techniques.

Jin masters several martial arts, such as Jiujitsu, Korean wrestling, and Japanese Kudo. Thus, his fighting techniques are deadly and dangerous.

9. Jerry Kwon

Strongest Lookism Characters 9

You will not miss Jerry Kwon or Kwon Ji Tae because he is one of the famous Big Deal gang members. He is among the strongest characters in Lookism due to his extreme devastating power when fighting his opponents. He wants to control Gangdong, but Hostel has the privilege to control it.

His opponent recognizes that Jerry is a powerful individual because he can beat the attacks of multiple Mostar members within no time. Thus, it makes him a very dangerous and strong individual to fear.

10. Vasco

Strongest Lookism Characters 10

Vasco or Euntae Lee is attractive because he has a well-built body, strong physique, and toned muscles. Vasco is pure-hearted because he cares about those mistreated by society and helps them by risking his life.

Euntae Lee has extraordinary strength because he does push-ups, squats, and runs 100 times each. This person is extremely strong because he is willing to experience immeasurable physical pain and will never give up.

Hopefully, the Strongest Lookism characters list above comes in handy because you can know the characters better. So, who is your favorite one?

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