10 Strongest Kekkaishi Characters: Heroes and Villains

If you are into the Japanese manga Kekkaishi whose writer is Yellow Tanabe called, then this article is what you are looking for. Check out the following for more detailed information on the strongest Kekkaishi characters.

It will benefit you because you can learn more about the Kekkaishi character, its heroes and villains, and their powers and abilities.

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

The Strongest Protagonist Characters

Regarding the Strongest characters in Kekkaishi then you need to learn the following protagonist characters:

1. Tokiko Yukimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

We agree that Tokiko Yukimura should be on the list because she is the most powerful and strongest Kekkaishi of her generation. She is also a popular character because of her role as the 21st head of the Yukimura family and being Tokine’s grandmother.

Tokiko always carries a number of weapons, such as shikigami paper and shakujo, which she usually uses as support in fatigue conditions, as a cutting tool, or as a secondary weapon.

She is a high-level Kekkaishi because she has the ability to repair Shinyuuchi. We agree that Tokiko is powerful because she can forcefully open pathways to other dimensions.

2. Sumiko Sumimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Even though Sumiko is not a legitimate successor, she is among the extremely powerful Kekkaishi. The mother of Kekkaishi Yoshimuri is actually an active Kekkaishi but never works together with her son. Tokine considers Sumiko an exceptional Kekkaishi because she can refuse tasks from the Shadow Organization.

3. Shigemori Sumimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Shigemori is the Kekkaishi Granpa of Masamori, Yoshimori and Toshimori so he is the father of Sumiko. He is a powerful Kekkaishi, although he is not as strong as Tokiko Yukimura. Shigemori never left Karasumori because he felt it was his responsibility to protect the area.

Due to their mother’s absence, he has to train Masamori and Yoshimori to be Kekkaishi.

4. Yoshimori Sumimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

All fans will absolutely love Yoshimori Sumimura because he is the main character in this anime and manga with an attractive personality. This 14-year-old boy is mighty and strong given that he has access to Kekkaishi Chushinmaru, which he maximizes as his power reservoir. Thus, he can use his energy to create the large size of Kekkai barriers.

He can also create a double-layered Kekkai to make him even more powerful. Even though he is not the oldest son of the Sumimura clan, the faith has made him its future leader. It happened because he was born with a Houin on his right palm. Thus, he is expected to be a Kekkaishi because he is responsible for protecting Karasumori.

5. Masamori Sumimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Masamori is not only a famous character in Kekkaishi manga but also a powerful and advanced Kekkaishi. He is much stronger than his younger brother, Yoshimori, because he can create many Shikigami and Nenshi at one attack. He is a strong and advanced kKkkaishi because he can use multi-layer Kekkai repeatedly in battle.

6. Tokine Yukimura

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters 6

Tokine is among the most loved characters in Kekkaishi because of her personality, role, and all she does for Yoshimori. Some enemies think she is a weak Kekkaishi. However, you may discover she is merciless. She would slay her enemies without merci so they would no longer trouble her.

Tokine has a sectional holster to carry her four kunai and a Shakujo to perform her duty and fight the enemies better.

7. Gen Shishio

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters 7

Gen was the youngest son of the Shishio family, so his darling sister, Ryo, always protected and cared for him. Despite being the youngest son in the family, Gen has a serious look. He was born as an Ayakashi Majiri to transform himself into a full wolf-man.

However, he only learned to use his ability when he tried to protect Ryo from bullies. He usually transforms his hands into enlarged claws to fight against his enemies. His complete transformation was triggered by an incident where he thought Ryo betrayed him. However, Gen loses his control when he is fully transformed and attacks his sister.

Masamori had to put a unique tattoo on his body so that he would feel agony when trying to transform into a wolf fully. Later on, Gen was sent to the Night troop so that he could learn how to control his powers.

The Strongest Antagonist Characters

1. Shicirou Ougi

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Shicirou is among the strongest antagonist in the anime Kekkaishi due to his ability to slash through Yoshimori’s strongest Kekkai constructions. He can also slice people or buildings simply by twitching his wrist amid his hover in midair. Thus, he is considered a powerful villain.

2. Kokuboro

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Kokuboro Kekkaishi is among the strongest villains in Kekkaishi manga and anime due to their ability to use ayakashi. They are looking for Karasumori due to their ultimate objective of regenerating their leader, Princess. This group has several mighty members who have their own powers, such as Byaku, Koshu, Aihi, Gagin and Shion.

  • Princess, a nine-tailed fox, is powerful because she is a demon whose power is almost equal to that of a god.
  • Byaku is considered to be strong due to his ability to control his mind, regenerate and control bug ayakashi.
  • Gagin looks like a centaur and is strong because he can throw balls of fire of different sizes without delay.

3. Nichinaga Oumi

Strongest Kekkaishi Characters

Nichinaga is a famous character in Kekkaishi anime because he is the Shadow Organization’s co-founder and supreme commander. However, he wants to destroy the organization he made for revenge.

He has the ability to control others and even entirely take over their minds; thus, it makes him one of the most feared personalities. However, he must keep strengthening his powers, so his mind control power does not fade away.

Indeed, you may learn that there are more powerful characters in Kekkaishi manga or anime; but the ones mentioned above are the most famous characters you need to know. At least this list is made concerning each character’s abilities and how lethal their weapons are.

Hopefully, you can get the necessary information from the strongest Kekkaishi characters to help you get to know them better.

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