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What Happened to Ashley Judd’s Face? Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Ashley Judd is known best through her iconic works, Double Jeopardy and Olympus Has Fallen. Yet, she has not made a public appearance since 2020. The star’s disappearance prompted many fans to speculate, with the strongest allegations pointing to Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery.

But is it true? What has truly happened to the Kiss the Girls actress? And most importantly, has Judd been in hiding to cover up her botched cosmetic procedures, as claimed by onlookers? On one occasion, Judd took to Facebook to give her version of the story, and the truth may be far from what people assume.

Did Ashley Judd Get Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before & After

Looking at Ashley Judd’s recent photos, it is easy to see why the public believes the star has gone under the knife. Despite being 54 years old, her face has no fine lines. The actress and activist look as if she is in her 20s.

Her youthful appearance may be attributed to regular exercise and premium anti-aging skincare. However, such an explanation could not convince fans easily. Their suspicions were heightened when Judd appeared in a video supporting Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 political campaign.

Though the content was heartwarming, with Judd offering a generous gift for each giver, many tweeters were only interested in poking fun at her appearance.

Brutal comments poured into Judd’s video, with one user bemoaning the actress’ seeming fixation with Botox and fillers. Others struggled to accept that she was the Judd they once knew.

In the video, her skin is visibly taut. Her eyes also become narrower, and the surrounding skin appears to be pulled back. Her facial muscles have limited movement, and her cheeks are pillowy.

Referring to these tell-tale signs, viewers assumed that Judd most likely had Botox on the forehead, cheek fillers, a brow lift, and a facelift.


The Truth About Ashley Judd’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Soon after her plastic surgery myths ran rampant on the Internet, Ashley Judd wrote on her Facebook account about a series of treatments she received in recent years and pointed to them as the cause of her puffy face. The treatments included Botox injections for her painful siege migraines and high doses of prednisone.

Botulinum toxin treatments are suggested as one way to treat chronic migraines. However, there are some side effects of the procedure. Judd may experience muscle weakness and swell at the injection site.

The same effects are also produced by prednisone, which Judd is likely using to treat several conditions.

Final Verdicts

Being under the spotlight for decades has made Ashley Judd the subject of intense public scrutiny, and they are not simply observing her career and humanitarian endeavors. The Divergent star has also often been at the center of negative attention due to her drastic transformation over the years.

As a result, Judd has always had to fight the persistent rumors about her changing looks. Being candid about her health conditions may not be sufficient to put an end to speculations about Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery. Still, her efforts go a long way in building a realistic image of celebrities.

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