12 Castlevania Strongest Characters of All Time

Castlevania Strongest Characters

Castlevania is one of the most popular anime shows of all time, especially after being showcased on Netflix. Here is the list of Castlevania strongest characters of all time.

1. Dracula

Most Powerful Beings In Castlevania

When it comes to the most powerful beings in Castlevania, Dracula undoubtedly stands on top of the list. This character is also narrated as the strongest vampire the world ever has.

When he was a human, Dracula traveled the world to learn about culture and humanity. However, he was killed one day because of being accused of being a witch – that was when Dracula’s rage became inevitable.

During the final fight, Dracula throws back everything people threw at him previously. Even Trevor Belmont cannot kill him while Sypha’s magic does nothing.

2. Alucard

Is Alucard Stronger Than Dracula Castlevania

Dracula has a human-vampire son named Alucard. While being half-human, he has so many inhuman superpowers. A few of those powers include shapeshifting, telekinesis, levitation, and excellent speed.

But how strong is Alucard Castlevania? He can defeat Dracula after a series of training and studying. After scoring the killing blow to his father, the entire castle is his.

Since Alucard is brilliant and a genius, he also accepts Trevor’s library to improve his knowledge. So, is Alucard stronger than Dracula Castlevania? He might’ve killed his father, but Draculas is generally stronger than anyone on this list.

3. Sypha Belnades

Strongest Castlevania Female Characters

This character turns out to be one of the most vital individuals in Castlevania. Sypha Belnades was initially introduced as a scholarly person. Later in the show, she develops and becomes a powerful character. She masters pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, and ice manipulation.

Other than that, she possesses genius-level knowledge that always helps her in every situation. Sypha is undoubtedly a highly educated character, considering she is a Speaker. She speaks many languages and completes the Belmont family’s spell.

4. Trevor Belmont

Best Castlevania Characters

Trevor Belmont is surely one of the best Castlevania characters of all time. Since he is a protagonist on this show, he appears in each episode and leaves such a good image. Trevor is the last member of the Belmonts who survives.

His fighting prowess and a lot of family resources helped him defeat Dracula in season 2. Trevor Belmont shows many thrilling fights in the entire series. Also, he was taking Alucard on the ring, and the result was a draw. So, who is the MC of Castlevania anime? Trevor Belmont is one of them.

5. Lenore

Strongest Castlevania Female Characters

One of the Castlevania characters females who deserve to be on this list is Lenore. She is part of the Council of Sisters and the group’s diplomat. This character is also in charge of convincing Hector to create an army of night creatures to serve her council.

Even though Lenore is the diplomat – not the leader – she shows excellent dedication and power during the show. After a series of actions, Hector gave himself to Lenore and became her slave. In the end, she has a powerful army that takes her words as commands.


6. Magician

Castlevania Strongest Characters

As the character’s name suggests, this character is a magician who takes over a place. Magician is a wicked person who enslaves whoever he wants to build a new city for him.

This character only appeared in one episode, and there was no dialog at all. Still, he was such a bothering challenge for Isaac. Magician has that classic and old magic that can control townspeople’s minds.

7. Carmilla

Strongest Characters In Castlevania Season 4

Carmilla can be touted as one of the strongest characters in Castlevania season 4. She is the leader of the Council of Sisters and the queen of Styria. As a vampire, this character is powerful, dangerous, and manipulative. It is also the main reason why Carmilla is a leader.

Before she had the Council of Sisters, this character was joining Dracula’s council as a general. However, her manipulative skill made the army question the lord’s leadership. Even during the show, Carmilla hasn’t displayed herself being loose, which is quite scary.

8. Isaac

Castlevania Strongest Characters

Dracula recruited so many characters in this series, and Isaac happened to be one of a few humans recruited by him. This character is a general in Dracula’s army.

Other than that, he is a Devil Forgemaster, just like Hector. Yet, Isaac is Dracula’s most loyal human. This character has killed so many powerful vampires in this series. He will be a major obstacle in season 4.

9. Striga

Most Powerful Characters in Castlevania

Striga is one of those vampires who create the Council of Sisters. She is the military commander in this army and comes up with a powerful strength when commanding the soldiers.

This character was fighting the Day Armour in the daylight with protection. While being a strong character, Striga is merciless towards humans who try to attack the base operation of her army. It is not a problem for her to throw her enemies like feathers.

10. Cyclops

Castlevania Strongest Characters 10

This character can fire a laser beam from his eyes, which can banish the opponents. Other than that, Cyclops can also turn the enemies into stone in seconds.

This character gains powers through the fear of his victims until their death. Cyclops was once turning Sypha into stone, but later, Trevor defeated him.

11. Hector

Castlevania Strongest Characters 11

This man is another Dracula’s human-person to be part of his army. Hector got the title of the Devil Forgemaster. He has the ability to summon the dead and demons from Hell effortlessly.

Later, depending on his commands, he could turn those creatures into a more powerful ones and make them stay loyal. Hector might be a powerful creature with lots of magic powers.

However, he was not quite a fighter, especially after Carmilla and Lenore manipulated him.

12. Lisa Tepes

Castlevania Strongest Characters 12

Lisa Tepes is undoubtedly not the most powerful on this list, but she shows a tremendous power effect. She was trying to learn about the science of beach mortality. Later, Dracula falls in love with Lisa – they have a kid together. Their relationship was kind of dramatic in many ways.

All the characters in Castlevania possess some kind of supernatural power. While everyone showcases different abilities and skills, it might be hard to pick the most favorite character.

Well, Trevor Belmont – according to fans – is the best character in this series. And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about Castlevania strongest characters ever created.

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