Rank of 10 Brawlhalla Strongest Characters All the Time

As one of a few combat games, so many people fall in love with Brawlhalla and its characters. It is because most of them are powerful. It is important to know which Brawlhalla strongest characters you can choose. So, your chance of winning the game will be higher.

In fact, all of the characters have special powers that differ them from others. There is subjectivity in this Brawlhalla rank because the factor determining who is the strongest will be different for everyone. However, most people agree that here are the ranks!

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters

1. Scarlet Dashwood

Strongest Female Characters In Brawlhalla

The first one on the list is Scarlet Dashwood. She is one of the strongest female characters in Brawlhalla. Her weapons are Hammer and Rocket Lance, and she has high statistics overall. People also know her as Lady Necessity, The daVinci of Steam. She is a sophisticated woman with a high-class background.

Scarlet Dashwood is elected to the Royal Society of England and is the youngest. Aside from that, she is also the only woman who took the boxing champion title. It proves how powerful she is.

2. Koji

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters

Another character that should not be underestimated is Koji, always ranked higher on the Brawlhalla tier list. He is strong in swordsmanship, especially samurai. His weapons were a bow and sword, while his stats were always very impressive. So, he is a good choice if you want to win the game.

Koji refused to inherit the coveted family sword because he wanted to create his technique and style. It is work, though, because his technique and style can cause more damage to the opponent.

3. Jaeyun

Most Powerful Characters In Brawlhalla

The next one on the list is Jaeyun. He is one of the most powerful characters in Brawlhalla. He is a legend who travels across the sea and the Old Kingdom. His weapons are sword and greatsword, so he is a skillful swordsman. Also, his statistics are great, especially his speed and strength.

Jaeyun used to find a decent treasure. However, he lost all of them due to gambling. But, he is a good choice for gaming because he used to defeat his opponent just by using a wooden stick. The opponent also said that he was too strong for him.

4. Onyx

Most Powerful Female Characters In Brawlhalla

Then, there is Onyx, one of the most powerful female characters in Brawlhalla. She is so strong and has great durability. So, she was so ready to stand on the battlefield. She has gauntlets and cannons as her weapons. Amongst other characters, Her statistics are also considered great, especially her defense.

Onyx used to be a guardian and also a protector of Castle Batavia. It happened for a hundred years. Her castle never fell when she was the one who protected it. So, she is one of the game’s most powerful characters.


5. Magyar

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters 5

Then, there is Magyar. People also know them as the Spectral Guardian. There are 100 souls in empty armor, so they are indeed powerful. It is why they are always in a higher ranking in the Brawlhalla power tier. They had Menace Maul and Soul Scourge as their weapons.

Magyar’s strong points are their defense. It is nearly perfect. Because they used to be knights in a war, they thirst for battle. They used to be the most powerful knights in centuries.

6. Petra

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters 6

The next one is Perta, the trouble maker. She comes from a dystopian prison realm called Terminus. However, it cannot stop her from being one of the most powerful Brawlhalla characters. Gauntlets and orbs are her weapons. At the same time, his greatest strengths are power and speed.

Petra is very mischievous. She bought and sold anything forbidden without any fear of getting caught. She is not afraid to fight with anyone. Petra also fights all the bosses in the streets and trounces them. Later, she became the boss herself.

7. Teros

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters 7

Then, there is Teros, an orphan boy-calf. His power is cannot be underestimated. It is because he used to travel from battle to battle. So, he became an incredible fighter. He is probably one of the strongest characters in Brawlhalla. He is reckless, powerful, and also dangerous.

Teros’s weapons are hammer and ax, and he makes good use of them. He used to be a debt collector before falling in love with combat. His strong points are his power and defense.

8. Mako

Brawlhalla Strongest Characters 8

Next, there is Mako, the most feared one in the ocean. She is Poseidon’s young daughter and comes from Atlantis. After Poseidon fell on earth and lost all his memories, Mako became a Queen of Atlantis. The civilians of Atlantis are satisfied with it because Mako was known for never losing any combat.

Mako even made sea monster Cetus flee to Scotland because she scared them. She also scares The Phoenician just by showing his teeth. It shows how powerful Mako is in the ocean. She is mighty, and no one can match her power there.

9. Thor

Strongest Male Characters In Brawlhalla

Not to be missed on this list is Thor, and he is one of the legends of Asgard. He was definitely one of the strongest male characters in Brawlhalla, as he became the God of Lightning for a reason. Thor can easily defeat a giant and crush their skull by himself.

With a hammer and orb as his weapons, he can beat almost any opponent. Overall, his statistics are incredible. But, Thor’s strong points are probably his power of attack and defense.

10. Lin Fei

Most Powerful Female Characters In Brawlhalla

Last but not least, there is Lin Fei, one of the characters who have the strongest defense. Aside from that, she has high dexterity and is also very fast. She is a good fighter who can easily beat the opponent just with one attack. Her specialty is martial arts.

Lin Fei’s weapons are katars and cannons. She is skillful at using her weapons and becomes the greatest threat to the opponent.

So, those are the ranks of Brawlhalla’s strongest characters. However, having a different opinion from the list above is okay. Because each character has their abilities, you might think they might be strong in their own way.

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