What Happened to Simon Cowell’s Face? Did He Have Plastic Surgery?

When discussing celebrities getting surgery, we frequently picture well-known female figures, but gentlemen also get surgery. Simon Cowell is one of the few male celebrities to open up about his cosmetic work, putting an end to long-running speculation about Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery.

In April 2022, the music producer declared that he had abstained from fillers for the first time in decades. But what other procedures have Cowell possibly done, as he unquestionably looks significantly different from his early years?

What Happened to Simon Cowell Face?

Simon Cowell's Plastic Surgery Before & After

The 63-year-old Simon Cowell has spent his whole life in the public eye. It is hardly surprising that he got surgery to modify his face, given how long he has lived in Hollywood. Compared to his younger self, the American Idol judge looks radically different.

The X Factor franchise’s founder admitted to The Sun that he once overdid it with Botox and fillers, and the results horrified him. According to Cowell, his son Eric, 8, had breakdowns when he could not recognize him, but it was a game changer for Cowell.

At the Nickelodeon 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards, Cowell declared that he has completely stopped using facial fillers. He remembered how his operation to get an ageless face had wounded him. He continued by saying that he did not even feel his appearance improved significantly due to the face-freezing surgery.

The celebrity disclosed a few years ago that he had a £2,000 thread lift to get back his younger visage. The process is a less invasive facelift substitute. For skin to become healthier and firmer, it works by promoting the skin’s collagen production.

But Cowell’s fans criticized the outcome, saying he had damaged his face with all those procedures instead.


What Other Procedures Simon Cowell Had?

Simon Cowell's Plastic Surgery

Not just Cowell’s supporters commented on his startling makeover. Now, plastic surgeons are also commenting on the matter. Dr. Yoel Shahar, a cosmetic surgeon in New York City who has never treated Cowell, speculated that the star may have undergone blepharoplasty after seeing an old photo of him.

To trim drooping skin and muscle and get rid of extra fat, the surgery entails making cuts into the wrinkles of the eyes. The goal is to reduce bagginess under the eyes and hooded or droopy eyelids. The producer’s eyes, which are both tighter and more open, show it.

Dr. Shahar continued, “Cowell probably underwent a neck lift.” His neck has no slack muscles or sagging skin, which should be impossible for a man his age to develop organically.

Final Verdicts

One of the few well-known men who openly discuss his addiction to surgery is Simon Cowell. Typically, cosmetic surgery is used to enhance looks. Hollywood has frequently seen stars who have had too much plastic surgery and turned into “aliens.”

The celebrity has addressed his excessive preoccupation with perfection—a problem that presumably has affected many public figures—in addition to acknowledging the suspicions surrounding Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery. Unfortunately, some people do not understand how much cosmetic surgery is too much.

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