12 Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters, Ranked

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Can you decide the strongest Cowboy Bebop characters? While a classic anime, this series still gets a special place in every fan’s heart. Among all the characters in this series, below are those who make Cowboy Bebop as exciting as you remember.

1. Spike Spiegel

Best Fighter In Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel is simply the best fighter in Cowboy Bebop, whether in animated series or the adaptation on Netflix. Spike Spiegel is the protagonist, which makes Spike a popular character of all time.

His personality is more laid-back and alluringly charming. Following his journey, you can feel Spike Spiegel is heavily influenced by Bruce Lee’s fighting technique and Yusaku Matsuda’s physical appearance.

Spike Spiegelwas a Red Dragons member once. But lately, he pretended to be dead to be with Julia. However, the journey is not easy, especially since he has to deal with Vicious.

2. Vicious

Cowboy Bebop Villains Ranked

When it comes to Cowboy Bebop villains ranked, Vicious surely deserves a spot on the first row. His name represents his character. He is ambitious, skillful, ruthless as well as bloodthirsty.

Vicious will do anything for power, considering he is part of the Red Dragons. Spike and Vicious were good friends back then in the criminal organization.

However, once Spike decided to get away, they became enemies until today. Other than that, Julia was his beloved – but Spike does love her. The heat between those two is inevitable in the end. Vicious, on the other hand, prefers using a katana instead of a gun.

3. Jet Black

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Jet Black was a former police officer. He has a muscular and tall body. His appearance is quite eye-catching – a prominent beard without a mustache and a bald upper head.

Jet Black is like the opposite of Spike – brave and curious. Nowadays, he works as a freelance bounty hunter, especially after knowing how corrupt his working environment was.

4. Anastasia

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters 4

According to fans, Anastasia is one of Cowboy Bebop’s best characters. She is a regular woman who owns a convenience store. Sometimes, she catches thieves who come to her store.

Anastasia and Spike are friends. When Spike was presumed dead but showed up three years later at her store, Anastasia was willing to help him. Judging from her appearance in the series, Anastasia is a loyal character, especially regarding her friends.

5. Laughing Bull

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters 5

Even though the name contains “laughing” in it, it doesn’t mean that the character would laugh from time to time. Laughing Bull, on the other hand, is a man from the prehistoric era.

He spends his life spreading motivation and advice to the Bebop crews. But, when it comes to predicting, Laughing Bull always comes up with accurate words.

More than anything, Laughing Bull is quite spiritual. Laughing Bull cares a lot about the people around him – he even brought Spike back from the river and handled his wound gently.

6. Faye Valentine

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

On the other hand, Faye Valentine is a rich young lady – her family was very wealthy. She spent her childhood in Singapore – you will often see Merlion in her videos. However, when she was 20, the spaceplane she took got an explosive decompression. Faye was alive, but the injury was also serious.

7. Julia

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Julia Cowboy Bebop is a gorgeous lady with a mysterious personality. She was also the link between Vicious and Spike in the past. Julia was also a member of the Red Dragon, which forced her to obey what Vicious commanded.

Vicious, on the other hand, called this young lady a dangerous woman who should be watched. Vicious also forced Julia to be with Spike so that she could spy on him. However, these two fell for each other genuinely.

8. Mao Yenrai

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters 8

Mao Yenrai Cowboy Bebop is a capo. Back then, she often talked and interacted with both Julia and Vicious. Their interactions generally showed how struggling the organization is regarding power and focus.

Even though she looks like an older man who relies on others for power, Mao Yenrai has worked hard to be in her current place.

9. Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Gren has a long full name – but you can call him Gren instead. He was a partner to Vicious when the war took place. Unfortunately, Gren was also part of the victims during the war.

It was why both Vicious and Gren could be good friends. However, Gren was accused of being a spy once the war had ended. So, in the end, Vicious doesn’t want anything to do with him.

10. Mad Pierrot

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Mad Pierrot also deserves a spot on the ten strongest Cowboy Bebop characters list. He was formerly known as Tongpu, and an organization turned him into a genetically modified human weapon.

The project was successful, making Mad Pierrot a man with excellent superhuman character. He can increase speed and strength, fly, as well bullet-proof.

However, the experiment also causes various changes in his body, such as premature graying hair, reddening irises, and changing body shape. Mad Pierrot is like a bulky person with schizophrenia. Mad Pierrot later killed all the people who put him into the experience.

11. Maria Murdock

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters

Maria Murdock was the leader of the Space Warriors, an eco-terrorist organization. She gathered all the members in a peaceful location but grew and applied a radical point-of-view to them.

Her teaching included that humans shouldn’t be born at all, especially interfering with nature. Jet Black was able to capture her.

12. Ein

Strongest Cowboy Bebop Characters 12

While all the characters on this list are humans, the last name is a dog. So, for example, Ein is a Doberman Pinscher who got enhanced genetically. But, again, it was an experiment, and the result was quite good.

Today, Ein was very close to Spike – they even work together from time to time, especially when the situations are dangerous. Ein can talk and come up with several human traits, which make him exciting and cool at the same time.

So, those are the strongest Cowboy Bebop characters; what do you think? do you agree with us?

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