Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

There are many Dragon Ball characters that are incredibly powerful. The list of the strongest Dragon Ball characters is constantly changing as new characters are introduced and others are defeated. But some characters always seem to be at the top of the list, no matter what. Here is a look at 10 of the strongest Dragon Ball characters, based on their power levels and fighting abilities.

1. Goku

Strongest Dragon Ball Heroes Characters

When it comes to the strongest Dragon Ball Heroes characters, then Goku indeed gets the first podium. However, the story might differ from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, where Goku is just part of the top 10.

In the OG series, this character stands the highest among the others. He also won the World Martial Arts Tournament and defeated Piccolo. But, more than anything, Goku was the idol of all the 90’s kids.

2. Top

Strongest Character In Dragon Ball Legends

Top is not the strongest character in Dragon Ball Legends, considering he starts his appearance on Dragon Ball Super. However, as the citizen of Universe 11, he has a distinctive power that could damage his opponents in the Tournament of Power.

One thing that makes Top such a powerful creature is his ability to master the power of a destroyer. His ability also helps him eliminate Frieza effortlessly – Vegeta was even defeated.

3. Whis

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters 3

Being a super handsome angel, “Whis” is such a powerful character in Dragon Ball Super. But, of course, he is a companion for the God of Destruction in the first place. His main duty is to train and guide these destroyers to unlock their maximum potential.

During a training scene, Whis dragged Beerus down through a single swipe. While Beerus is quite a strong character, can you imagine how powerful Whis is?

Yet, Whis has a sister who trained him before being an angel. So, it is safe to say that Whis’s sister is stronger than him. But, on the other hand, Whis and Beerus have a strong bond, especially regarding good meals and wiping some futile universes.

4. Beerus

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters 4

Beerus surely deserves a place on the top 5 strongest in Dragon Ball Super. As the Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus is the reason why the series is still here now.

He was also the key to Super Saiyan God. If you watch the series, you know how powerful Beerus is, especially when he effortlessly vanishes all the mortal creatures in Universe 7.

5. Zeno

Strongest Character In Dragon Ball Super

Zeno is the ultimate answer if you are looking for the strongest character in Dragon Ball Super. Even though Zeno has a super innocent look, he is the one who rules the Universes.

Besides, his volatile mood can swing unexpectedly due to a single misstep. Also, do you know that Zeno can remove the entire universe through a snap is just proof that nothing could beat the existence of this creature.

6. Vados

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters 6

Vados also deserves a spot when it comes to the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters. Even though the character is a bit dramatic, she has a powerful thing that could weaken anyone effortlessly.

Vados also trained Whis, his brother – which makes her way more powerful than him. She is also in charge of checking on Champa from time to time so that he won’t get rusty. Vados also helps Champa to get as strong as possible in the first place.

7. Champa

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters 7

Generally, Champa is such a powerful character. However, he is described as a lazy character, so his power is half-heartedly out. Champa’s character was introduced in the Tournament of the Gods. He happens to be the God of Destructions in Universe 7, also the twin of Universe 6. Champa and Beerus are practically brothers, but they don’t see eye-to-eye.

8. Jiren

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Who is the strongest Dragon Ball Super character? It is safe to say that Jiren is one of those powerful characters in this series. Goku even had a level of fear when facing Jiren, especially before he unlocked the Ultra Instinct.

Despite Jiren’s well-built body, he has the power to do anything he wants. Also, Jiren is capable of damaging anything – which is quite fearful without the presence of tournament rules. Goku could eventually defeat Jiren after working with Android 17, Frieza, and Vegeta.

9. Vegeta

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

In the OG series, Vegetas was like the latest competitor of Goku. As the child of a fallen Saiyan, he has a powerful ability that is quite hard to defeat. While Vegeta wants to attain a higher level of power, he also won’t stop to surpass Goku in every aspect.

When Dragon Ball Z was introduced, his character was the strongest among all names. Suddenly, Goku had no competitors other than Vegeta. Yet, that becomes the root of why Vegeta always feels not enough and wants to dig deeper.

10. Piccolo

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Piccolo also deserves a spot on the top 10 strongest Dragon Ball characters list. In the OG series, Piccolo is Goku’s neverending rival. He is even a cruel villain and fights against Goku in a tournament.

On the other hand, Piccolo gets a wicked sense of strategy from his father, King Piccolo. Yet, the son sends his father to eclipse through his power. If you watch the OG series, you would agree that the battle between Piccolo and Goku is one of the best fights ever.

Mr. Popo

Strongest Dragon Ball Characters 11

If you watch the OG Dragon Ball, you will understand why Mr. Popo deserves a spot on this list. He has a celestial superpower that seems beyond the average level.

You may even notice Mr. Popo is stronger than King Piccolo (Piccolo’s father) and Kami. Goku is supposed to get instructions from Kami, but Mr. Popo is the one who gives him lessons in the end.

Dragon Ball has been around for decades now. Since the euphoria is strong, the creators won’t stop introducing new characters. It is why sometimes you find online fights between Dragon Ball OG fans and the current ones.

Still, those two are part of the same universe – the universe we are talking about is getting bigger and bigger. So, that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the strongest Dragon Ball characters across the universe. But, of course, if you are a die-hard Dragon Ball fan, you will surely recognize all the strongest characters on this list.

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