10 Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters All Ranked

Tokyo Revengers is one of the wildest and most wholesome anime shows ever. It has several gangs with great action. Moreover, each group and figure sends off destructive emotions. Thus, you might want to know who is the strongest Tokyo Revengers characters.

The first episode will hook you, especially because Tokyo Revengers has dramatic battles, passionate encounters, and numerous great dudes.

Take a look at Takemichi Hanagaki, who can jump across time and go to the past and future! His voyage back in time is to rescue Hinata Tachibana from death. He endures a lot for his aim, making the stories more fun to follow.

10 Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

So, here are the anime and manga’s strongest Tokyo Revengers characters!

1. Manjiro Sano

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

The Tokyo Manji Gang has the strongest Tokyo Revengers character Reddit version, Manjiro Sano (Mikey). He is the life and soul of the crew. Toman would never lose as long as Mikey is still alive, regardless of how many members are defeated.

Even though Mikey’s height is only average, nothing can stop his powerful kicks! Additionally, Mikey has studied martial arts, unlike the other gang members.

His trademark technique is a roundhouse kick that swiftly knocks opponents out by trapping them in his foot and slamming them to the ground (Chapter 106).

It should be no surprise that Mikey just needed one hit to finish out most of the people on this list. He is the Saitama of the Tokyo Revengers, in actuality.

2. Izana Kurokawa

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

Izana and Mikey battled even during the Kanto Affair, and Mikey won. Izana ran out of energy as the fight continued, and he began to move more slowly. Thus, Mikey immediately turned the tables on Izana (Chapter 171).

However, Izana can deliver several crucial blows to Mikey. Izana’s superhuman senses, not speed or strength, give him power. He counterattacks with ease after reading his opponent’s movements. He rose to the position of head of the Tenjiku S62 Generation in this way.

3. Ken Ryugji

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters

Ken Ryugji is vice chairman of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Throughout childhood, he’s been Mikey’s closest buddy. Therefore, they get behind each other (Episode 7).

He’s called “Draken” and has a wicked dragon tattoo. He was always different from his peers. How? He’s big! Draken is the king of middle school.

To be Mighty Mikey’s right-hand man, you must be the most formidable Tokyo Revengers Character. Ken Ryugji deserves that title.

4. South Terano

most hated character in Tokyo Revengers

One of the three Deities that ended the Sengoku Period in Tokyo is South Terano. The guy represents Rokuhara Tandai. He forged the most powerful and influential gang among the three powerhouses (Chapter 208).

Like Kawaragi Senju, South Terano can enlist ruthless criminals from earlier gangs that controlled Tokyo. The S62 Generation and part of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku occupied the highest seats at Rokuhara Tandai (Chapter 212). However, it makes him the most hated character in Tokyo Revengers.

5. Kawaragi Senju

most formidable Tokyo Revenger Characters

Izana Kurokawa and Kawaragi Senju are very similar, particularly in terms of their stubbornness and superhuman senses. One of the three Deities, Senju, established peace in Tokyo after seizing control of a significant portion of the city. Additionally, he was seen in Tokyo’s Sengoku Period.

In order to become the strongest gang operating in the shadows, Kawaragi Senju was able to enlist the living legends of the First Generation of the Black Dragons. Thus, he is also one of the most formidable Tokyo Revenger Characters.

6. Kakuchou

greatest Tokyo Revenger characters

The greatest of the Four Heavenly Kings, Kakuchou, was Izana Kurokawa’s, right-hand man. Kakuchou stopped Angry’s Crying Blue Ogre form easily, while Angry destroyed 2 of the Four Heavenly Kings and 2 Tenjiku executives (Chapter 163).

Moreover, Kakuchou helped Izana create Tenjiku and defeat the Tokyo Manji Gang even during the Kanto Incident. During this moment, only Izana was stronger.

Kakuchou became Rokuhara Tandai’s Top Dog after being shot by Kisaki. He’s currently serving South Terano and wants to bring back Takemichi and Draken. Kakuchou’s aggressiveness and combat skills are top-notch, so he deserves to be on the list of the greatest Tokyo Revenger characters.

7. Wakasa Imaushi

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters 7

Wakasa Imaushi was both the 1st Generation Black Dragons’ Special Attack Unit Captain. Moreover, Wakasa is a living legend and a Brahman executive (Chapter 213).

Even though they’re in their 20s, they’re nicknamed living legends. These men can kill a gang while looking good doing it.

8. Keizo Arashi

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters 8

The Black Dragons controlled Tokyo in their 1st Generation, and Keizo Arashi has been the Captain of the Black Dragon’s Guards and a true legend. They were indeed the 1st Generation’s Best Duo.

Keizo knocked down Shion Madarame with one blow when he boasted about becoming the 9th Generation’s leader. Moreover, his ability to withstand great damage and have powerful strikes puts him the first tank in Tokyo Revengers.

9. Akashi Takeomi

Strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters 9

Akashi Takeomi’s moniker is “God of War.” Akashi became Vice-President of the 1st Generation Black Dragons and a gang founder before Tokyo Revengers (Chapter 211). Later, Akashi Takeomi became Brahman’s No. 2 and Bonten’s Advisor.

However, his nicknames are awesome. “Rain Bringer” and “God of War” Both have deathmatch vibes. If the “God of War” comes after you, you’d be stupid not to flee.

10. Taiju Shiba

powerful Tokyo Revengers antagonist

Taiju Shiba is a powerful Tokyo Revengers antagonist. Yuzuha and Hakkai are his younger siblings.

What is so great about him? Taiju Shiba can fight a gang alone. Moreover, he’ll knock them out with one punch. Don’t underestimate his strength. He should be on the list of strongest characters, right? He’s a “one-hit wonder” in the history of Tokyo Revengers.

But, it is true. Taiju is so strong that he single-handedly revived the Black Dragons. However, he is his own monster. Even his brothers are fair game. Thus, he is one of the most hated characters in Tokyo Revengers.

We made this Top 10 strongest Tokyo Revengers character to let you know who to look out for once you read the stories.

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