10 Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs That Rocks The Industry

Celebrities are often portrayed as the perfect, have-it-all figure. However, the whole image of perfection is often boosted by only one body part, the long arms or legs. These ten celebrities with long arms or legs can still catch attention despite the imbalance.

Top 10 Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs
Famous Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

1. Chloe Madeley

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Chloe Madeley is a multitalented TV personality from England. She started her career by appearing on TV programs and then journeying as a journalist and columnist. Now, she is a professional fitness trainer as well as a fitness influencer on social media.

There are multiple occasions when Madeley talks about her big and long arms. Her arms may not be buffy, but it is more muscular than many women. She once states on her Instagram post that her arms are “disproportionally long.” However, the public praises her for it, saying that she looks healthy.

2. Alicia Vikander

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Alicia Vikander is very versatile. As an actress, she can portray different personalities, including changing her body shape according to each character. One of her notable portrayals was as Lara Croft in 2018’s Tomb Raider, in which she received compliments for her excellent physique.

Her long arms and legs make Vikander great for the role. In the movie, the actress’s biceps is well-built, diverting people’s attention from the arms. However, outside of the role, she has a straight body shape which emphasizes the length of her arms and legs.

3. Kate Moss

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Kate Moss’ journey as a model speaks for itself. Through her excellent physique, charm, and skills, she carved her name steadily and became the icon of supermodel itself. She is considered a fashion icon and scored “The Sexiest Woman of 1999”.

However, Moss is considered short in the modeling industry. Her arms and legs are considered long compared to her torso and are above average. Even in her late 40s, Moss can maintain her body shape and still appear as sexy as ever.

4. Gisele Bundchen

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Victoria’s Secret angel is bound to have mesmerizing legs, which rings true for Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian model is known for her good figure top down. With that as an asset, she scores as one of the highest-paid models in the industry.

Bundchen has long arms and legs that are lean and suitable for modeling. Although they are not muscular, it gives off a healthy and sexy vibe. Albeit being over 40, she is confident and elegant in her way, and she still rocks in short dresses.


5. Cameron Diaz

Actresses With Long Arms

It is hard to name actresses with long arms without mentioning Cameron Diaz. She is the icon of maturing gracefully and healthily. Even though she is now nearing 50, her appearance can still get everyone glaring in awe.

If observed, Diaz is not proportional in terms of body length. Her arms are slightly longer than her legs, and her torso is medium-length. However, with the right clothing choice, she can appear leaner and longer.

6. Lee Ju-Yeon

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs

Lee Ju-Yeon, or Juyeon, is one of The Boyz’s members, a boy band from South Korea. As an idol, it’s not strange that Juyeon constantly exercises to keep his good figure, including maintaining his muscular arms. However, fans have noticed that he also has long arms instead of observing his muscles.

Popular South Korean variety show Weekly Idol takes the suspicion seriously. The hosts measure Juyeon’s arm and find out that it is 191 cm long. This causes quite an uproar among fans, mainly because Juyeon’s height is 181 cm. It means his arm length is even longer than his actual height.

7. Lupita Nyong O

Female Celebrity With Big Arms

Another female celebrity with big arms is Lupita Nyong O. She is known as one of the casts of Black Panther, although she has been starring in other movies beforehand. However, her name rose after the movie and received global recognition.

Albeit big, Nyong O’s figure is not overly muscular. Instead, she gives off tones and a healthy appearance that makes people swoon over her. Combined with her glowing skin, she has become an icon for the Kenyan-Mexican community in the global entertainment industry.

8. Natalie Portman

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs 8

Natalie Portman triggered quite a conversation after her toned appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. Fans say it is refreshing to see the actress pulling off a muscly character, especially after years of maintaining a petite and slender body image.

It is no secret that Portman has quite a bewitching long legs. But, if observed closely, Portman’s arms are shorter than her legs. However, the leg’s length can give balance and a stunning look overall.

9. Tobey Maguire

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs 9

Tobey Maguire is famous for his ectomorph body type. With his slender but muscly figure, it is no wonder that he gets the role of the famous superhero Spider-Man. However, despite being muscular, he can maintain his trademark’s soft-looking guy.

Another characteristic of an ectomorph is long arms and legs. However, Maguire’s physique is quite disproportional, with his arms looking longer than his legs. Because of that, Maguire looks short in pictures. However, despite the imbalance, he still delivers quite an achievement in his career.

10. Taylor Swift

Celebrities with Long Arms and Legs 10

With such long arms and legs, the public knows that Taylor Swift can be a model if she wants to. However, she chooses to be a singer and let her achievements speak for themselves.

Even though Swift has a tall and balanced appearance, her arms are slightly shorter than her legs. Indeed, it is no exaggeration when people say that her legs are her most valuable physical asset. There are rumors about her insuring her legs, and the public can understand why.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. But all ten – actresses, singers, and models – prove that they are human beings who are far from perfect. They manage to maintain their ideal image simply by being confident.

But they also show that it’s okay to be imperfect because it turns out that by accepting their shortcomings, people actually see all the advantages in them. Combined with excellent skills and style, these celebrities with long arms and legs rule the entertainment industry.

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