Top 10 Strongest AoT Characters You Need to Know

Strongest AoT Characters

Following the Attack on Titan series, you must be familiar with all the strongest AoT characters. Generally, so many characters possess superhuman levels of power and strength. The list below will let you know their position depending on their power level.

1. Eren Jaeger

Strongest AoT Characters

Eren Jaeger is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. Other than that, he is the central protagonist in this series. If Eren Jaeger died long ago, the story might not be as long.

Eren Jaeger, however, had gone a lot since he was little. First, he witnessed the death of his mother – a smiling Titan ate Eren’s mother. It is why Eren has so much hate towards all Titans.

However, along his journey, he found that Titans were not that bad – the rest of humanity is the real enemy. Therefore, Eren generally is already dangerous.

He later obtains more power along his journey, which becomes one of the reasons why the story of AoT still takes place now. So, is Eren the strongest character in AoT? Yes, he is.

2. Ymir

Strongest AoT Characters

Who is the strongest Titan in AoT? The Founding Titan is considered the strongest. However, Ymir is the first Titan ever – people also call her the Goddess of all the Titans.

In the series, Ymir becomes that one thing that makes a cult stand out. However, the betrayal of the cult forced her to transform into a Titan. Later, Ymir could return to her human form and join humanity once more.

She enlisted in the 104th Cadet Corps and showed an excellent record. However, Ymir can only show off her maximum power when she is in a Titan form. One of the best things about Ymir is her excellent control. She can partially transform into a Titan and carry on with human interactions.

3. Lara Tybur

Strongest AoT Characters

Lara Tybur can be an example of how a strong female character can be. She didn’t even have a bright backstory in this series but later became a welder in AoT.

Lara Tybur was Willy Tybur’s sister. All she did was hang around her brother from time to time. However, her real side showed up when she declared to the world that she had the War Hammer Titan’s power.

Lara Tybur is one of those characters that Eren has to take care of. Lara nearly beat Eren in the last fight. However, her arrogance split her focus away.

So, who is the strongest female character in Attack on Titan? Lara Tybur is the answer you are looking for.

4. Levi Ackermann

Most Dangerous Character In Attack On Titan

Do you know who the most dangerous character in Attack on Titan is? Have you heard of Levi Ackermann? The Ackermann clan is quite popular in this series, and Levi surely deserves a spot on this list.

He was a captain of the Special Operations Squad. Thus, every time the Scout Regiment needs help to handle any Titan problem, the squad will be helping in no time.

Levi is considered one of the strongest yet most dangerous characters due to his habit and ability. While other people will take Titan-hunting as a group activity, he is happy to make it one-on-one entertainment.

Levi operates the ODM gear skillfully, even though he doesn’t need the gear at all to drag down Titans in the first place.

5. Mikasa Ackermann

Strongest AoT Characters

Mikasa Ackerman is another member of the Ackerman clan who shouldn’t be taken for granted. Like most people in this series, Mikasa wanted a normal peaceful life, but destiny won’t let her be.

Eren was taking care of her after her parents died. It is also the reason why Mikasa decided to join the 104th Cadet Corps, along with Eren. Her mission is to help and protect him at any cost.

6. Zeke Jaeger

Strongest AoT Characters 6

Zeke Jaeger deserves a spot in the top 10 strongest AoT characters. Even though he is Eren’s half-brother, Zeke is one of the main villains in this series. Besides, he inherits the Beast Titan power, making him a formidable enemy.

Zeke has abilities and ambitions that could seriously threaten the entire world. He possesses great power and strength when he transforms into his Titan form. His fighting and attacking styles are more about grabbing everything that stands in his way.

7. Reiner Braun

Strongest AoT Characters 7

Reiner Braun might not be the most popular character in this series. However, he is one of the strongest individuals you should know.

Reiner Braun comes up with a fearsome appearance, which makes him stand out among other characters in the first place. He later inherits the Armored Titan’s power, which is terrifying and very offensive.

8. Porco Galliard

Strongest AoT Characters 8

Porco Galliard is a character who inherits the Jaw Titan power. He was even specifically trained to accept the power in the first place. This is why Porco is such a valuable ally in the human form.

By inheriting and implementing this strength, Porco Galliard can scratch and rip the enemies to death just by using his teeth.

9. Bertholdt Hoover

Strongest AoT Characters 9

Bertholdt Hoover is one of the Attack on Titan characters who appears calm, quiet, and rather weak. However, every Titan controlled by him is deadly and very dangerous.

He was part of the 104th Cadet Corps, just like most characters on this list. However, things began to change after it was revealed that Bertholdt was one of the enemies.

On the other hand, Bertholdt Hoover has unique abilities, such as producing steam all over the body. His ability interfered with other opponents, especially those who were faster than him.

10. Historia Reiss

Strongest AoT Characters 10

Historia Reiss is one of the Attack on Titan main characters who shows alluring charms and kindness while still being highly respected by others. Before she revealed her real name, Historia Reiss used the name of Christa Lenz.

Other than being super pretty and kind-hearted, Historia is courteous. However, she had a tragic childhood which left her low confidence.

Attack on Titan is still one of the most popular anime shows people love. However, everyone has different strong points, which makes it difficult to decide which character is the strongest. And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the strongest AoT characters.

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