12 Strongest Baki Characters in Series and Manga

Strongest Baki Characters

If you like martial arts anime, then you would love Baki, both the manga and the series. Despite the bizarre narration, this show steals so many hearts worldwide. So, here are the strongest Baki characters ever created.

1. Baki Hanma

Strongest Baki Characters

The main character of this series is undoubtedly the strongest one. As a protagonist, Baki’s purpose in life is to outmatch Yujiro, his father. In the manga series, Baki often confronts and beats many stronger opponents.

Thus, he can catch up with Yujiro soon. However, no matter how kind he is, Baki is the Ogre’s son. It is why sometimes he can be a bit violent during battles.

Is Baki stronger than Yujiro? No, he is not – not yet, at least. Until now, Baki is still learning tai-chi-chuan and performs daily strength training.

2. Yujiro Hanma

Most Hated Character In Baki

Despite being one of the strongest characters, Yujiro Hanma is the most hated character in Baki. This is because he has an evil face and the strength that no one cannot defeat. Besides that, Yujiro has plenty of fighting styles and always uses bare hands instead of weapons.

During his upbringing, Yujiro caused damage and killed many people to improve his skill. Mohammad Alai is the only person who earns Yujiro’s trust by far.

3. Nomi no Sukune II

Strongest Baki Characters

Nomi no Sukune II is quite easy to spot. He has a bulky and stocky body, and it almost looks like he is made of muscles only. He appears like most sumo players, with jet black hair and a ponytail.

Nomi no Sukune II is tall and strong, just like sumo wrestlers. However, he has a feminine face. Nomi is generally a simple personality, making him difficult to define. Yet, he is a humble man and super calm even when in a battle.

4. Jack Hanma

Strongest Baki Characters

Jack Hanma, also called Hack Hammer, is Baki’s half-brother. Yujiro raped his mother, and it made Jack born in prison. It is why Jack wants revenge on his evil father, regardless of the consequences.

His fighting style is more like the deadliest martial arts, using bites in every possibility. Since Jack has such a strong jaw and impeccably strong teeth, nothing could beat his bites in the first place. Generally, this man often shows a nonchalant vibe. However, the beastie side shows up when Jack is in the battle.

5. Izo Motobe

Strongest Baki Characters 5

If a person has the same techniques as Yujiro Hanma, then Izo Motobe is the person. He has mastered various Japanese armed techniques and Jiu-jitsu. However, when Baki met him the first time, he got defeated over and over. Still, Izo Motobe couldn’t beat Yujiro.

6. Andreas Regan

Biggest Baki Character

Andreas Regan is simply the biggest Baki character. He stands 2.4 meters tall and is more than 300 kilograms in weight. Even Mount Toba looks tiny when he is standing.

Andreas is a professional wrestler, which entirely makes sense for his size. Other characters that may compete with his height are Jack Hanma – surgically enhanced – and Pickle from the prehistoric era.

Andreas is one of the strongest characters in the series but is never a match to Baki Hanma, no matter how hard he’s tried.

7. Kaio Dorian

Strongest Baki Characters 7

Kaio Dorian seems like a usual wise man you’ve seen in the USA. However, he is one of the most cunning characters you’ve ever met. He should’ve been hanged but managed to kill all the guards at the scene – so Dorian escaped.

Dorian has such a devious mind. Once you see him, his vibe is like a philosopher. Yet, despite his great culture and intelligence, he has mastered Chinese martial arts.

8. Mohammad Alai Jr.

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki

Mohammad Alai Jr., the son of Mohammad Alai, is part of the top 10 strongest characters in Baki. Like his father, he comes with exceptional talent – fighting with anyone with his fists.

Mohammad Alai Jr. also appears to be the opponent of Baki while causing a lot of trouble to Shibukawa, Jack Hanma, and Doppo. Despite being an excellent fighter, Mohammad Alai Jr. is such a seducer. He never hides his feelings towards Kozue.

9. Doppo Orochi

Strongest Baki Characters 9

Doppo Orochi is one of the greatest Karateka alive. He has a huge capability which can slaughter a tiger without any weapon. Unfortunately, like other characters on this list, Doppo has met Yujiro.

However, he left a huge scar on each side of his face. On the second time of meeting Yujiro, Doppo lost one of his eyes.

10. Oliva Biscuit

Baki Characters Prisoners

There are a few Baki characters prisoners, and Oliva Biscuit is one of those characters. He is of Cuban origin, which makes him quite exotic in the first place.

Even though Oliva lives in prison, he has apartments, a storeroom, and a library. And if a prisoner escaped and had enjoyed too much freedom, he would take care of that matter.

Oliva Biscuit is big, muscular, and strong. However, he doesn’t have special fighting techniques like many characters on this list.

11. Pickle

Strongest Baki Characters

Pickle is a character from prehistoric times. He was found during an excavation in Colorado. Later, the scientist kept him with a layer of salt ice. Pickle was later revived by scientists and ended up destroying everything.

Not long after, Strydum came over and brought Pickle to join a fight in Japan. What makes him strong is that he has that superhuman physical power. Retsu Kaio should lose his right leg after being “foraged” by Pickle in a battle.

12. Yuichiro Hanma

Strongest Baki Characters

Being a Hanma, Yuichiro is not like Yujiro in the first place. Besides being a super friendly character in this series, Yuichiro is also a supportive personality to Baki.

On the other hand, Yuichiro is relatively calm and carefree in the first place. However, Yuichiro can be brutal in the ring, especially when he fights against American soldiers – he twists his necks and cracks bones. Yet, he did that because those soldiers were trespassing on his property.

Fans believe that Baki’s characters in real life are according to Taira Naoyuki’s story. He was a professional MMA fighter and quite strong during the era.

Even though Baki mostly won the battles, Yujiro is still more powerful than him – at least for now. So, this is everything you need to know about the strongest Baki characters.

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