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Top 10 Strongest Noragami Characters: All Power Explained

Top 10 Strongest Noragami Characters
Top 10 Strongest Noragami Characters

In today’s post, we’ll compile a list of the strongest Noragami characters. Noragami became popular right away when it debuted in 2014! Comedy, romance, a ton of fights, a compelling story, and characters who weren’t typical of other anime stereotypes made it everything a fan could want.

However, because of the shinki and their various forms of power, it is still difficult to determine who is the strongest. Dive in to learn about the top 10 strongest Noragami characters.

1. Izanami

Strongest Noragami Characters

Who is the strongest in Noragami? Without a doubt, Noragami’s strongest God is Izanami no Mikoto. She is the cradle of all the mighty deities worshiped in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The sacred land’s creator, who is known as “she who invites,” is constantly the host of an endless banquet and is waiting patiently for such a soul to enter Yomi and stay with her.

Izanami Noragami, unlike other gods, cannot use shinki because they are pure souls. He has the ability to create Mandates of Hell (Phantom Brushes), which she uses to summon Phantoms.

2. Yato

Most popular noragami character

You might be curious about how strong is Yato? Yato, a God of Calamity and Depression, is one of the three primary protagonists.

He has the appearance of a strong god, but in reality, he is only effective when Yukine is there. To protect the near shore, he subdued Takemikazuchi’s fury.

Is Yato stronger than Bishamon? Well, Yato is not superior to warrior gods like Takemikazuchi or Bishamon, but he is a solid match for them. By himself, Takemika’s thunder terrifies him!

Even with Bisha’s Ha-clan, he had a very difficult time defeating her. And in the plot of Heaven, he had unintentionally attempted to kill her (it was actually Yukine). She didn’t yet disappear. However, Yato is one of the most popular Noragami characters.

3. Amaterasu

Strongest Noragami Characters

Amaterasu Omikami, the Sun Goddess, is the Highest Goddess who sits atop Heaven. She was born to Izanagi while he was purifying himself before entering Yomi.

Amaterasu is the supreme deity who rules over everything. She can summon any Shinki and trap them in a box no bigger than a Rubik’s cube.

Despite being the law, she has the authority to accept requests from other gods, such as Trial by Pledge.

However, if a God loses a round of the trial, their Shinki is lost forever. Imperial Regalias, on the other hand, have the opportunity to reincarnate.

4. Kofuku

Strongest Noragami Characters

Kofuku belongs to a group of titleless gods who are not even worshiped, yet she is still the Goddess of Poverty, unimaginably powerful.

Her main ability is the power to provide a good fortune of any kind, along with the Good Fortune of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Bishamonten, the Goddess of War, cannot defeat her since she is strong enough to do so.

Daikoku is her shinki; when she transforms into a vessel, she can use it to open vents and call forth a lot of gloom.

5. Bishamonten

Strongest Noragami Characters 5

One of the Seven Gods of Fortune and the Goddess of War, Bishamonten is also known as Bishamon. She is one of the most powerful deities, and people adore and revere her.

One of the strongest shinki in heaven, Kiun, has been defeated by Kazuma, her leading shinki, who is a Blessed Regalia.

With the ability to track people and travel, his vessel shape has almost no flaws. Additionally, he possesses a unique capacity for guiding other shinki and connecting with them, which multiplies Bishamon’s power.


6. Father

Strongest Noragami Characters

Despite being centuries old, Father is still alive today because he inhabits other people’s bodies. He is an evil Phantom conjurer who fooled and hated the Gods. Father is one of Noragami’s best characters, after all.

As a result of having at least two brushes, Father can control and call Ayakashi as well as conceal them inside people.

He primarily uses these Ayakashis in battle, so it is unknown how powerful he is in total. His shinki, Nora, also referred to as Mizuchi, causes the other shinkis who are impacted by it to acquire memories of their prior lives and become imprisoned in them.

Nora has possibly the most powerful ability under Father in her Chiki form because it can instantly neutralize any shinki.

7. Takemikazuchi

Strongest Noragami Characters

The thunder and swords-wielding God, Takemikazuchi, is well-known for his fighting prowess and holds a high position in Heaven.

He has the power to create and command clouds, manipulate light to assume the shape of a dragon, and summon and command clouds.

His most powerful shinki, Kiun, is renowned for being invincible in combat and possessing total mastery over lightning. His master can travel at high speed while he can produce incredibly damaging bolts.

8. Kagutsuchi

Best Noragami Characters

Kagutsuchi is the God of Fire and Volcanoes, as well as the son of Izanami, the Underworld Queen.

He can breathe flames at his target to create and control fire. His summoning to subjugate Bishamonten, the Goddess of War, demonstrates his strength.

He is an Almighty with the ability to breathe fire and launch fire attacks. The Fire Blast-like attack he used on Kazuma was only a small part of his arsenal. He may be as powerful as Takemikazuchi.

9. Arahabaki

Best Noragami Characters

We have encountered many new Gods representing the Heavens throughout Heaven’s Arc. Arahabaki, on the other hand, is in the gray area. He once fought against the heavens, but now he has been “Heavenified.”

Arahabaki is a local indigenous God who appears in both folklore and manga. Except for Shiigun, his powers as an individual god are unknown.

This Emishi God previously possessed a blessed vessel named Nana by Bishamon. The heavens feared she was a vessel because she tore Heaven and Earth apart during a war.

10. Okuninushi

Strongest Noragami Characters 10

An Emishi god named Arahabaki was vanquished by the heavens. The celestial guard took charge of his guidepost after he underwent reincarnation and selected Shiigun as his shinki.

Despite not being blessed with regalia, Shiigun is one of the strongest shinki in heaven and is thought to have the power of one.

Before his enemies can even get close to him, it can turn into a full army on horseback in its vessel form. Arahabaki is incredibly powerful with this shinki.

However, most of Noragami’s characters are good, respectable, and cool in their own way; they’re just misunderstood and easily manipulated. And it is the show’s complexity of the story that makes it so good, creating characters with human emotions and desires that are difficult not to relate to.

Everyone here is bound to have personal preferences. So who would you rank as Noragami best character, or who is the strongest Noragami character? Maybe the best answer is your favorite characters!

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