Strongest Characters in One Punch Man: 5 Heroes & 5 Villains

Reading or watching the stories about heroes and villains with superpowers is incomplete if you do not discuss who has the most strength. It also applies when people read or watch One Punch Man. So, no wonder the fandom people love to discuss the strongest characters in One Punch Man.

It is natural because the story revolves around heroes and villains. So, there are so many characters that are considered powerful and strong. However, every character has their own unique and special superpower. This might influence your opinion regarding who has the most power and strength.

But, almost everyone agrees that this is the right one!

10 Strongest One Punch Man Characters

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man

5 Strongest Heroes

Many heroes exist in One Punch Man. They all belong to an organization called the Hero Association. But then, who are the most powerful Hero Association members in One Punch Man? Here are the ranks!

1. Saitama

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man

The strongest character in One Punch Man is Saitama. He is not only the strongest in the series but in all anime that exists. It is because he can knock out his opponent with one punch. This is the reason why the Manga is called One Punch Man.

Saitama is the main character of the story. He can just give the villain one punch, then go to his home without even feeling tired or harmed. So, he joins the Hero Association in the hope that he will find a worthy opponent. Because winning without a fight has started to bore him.

2. Blast

Strongest Heroes in One Punch Man

Then, Blast is one of the strongest heroes in One Punch Man. He holds a high ranking in the Hero Association as S-ranker. His abilities are superhuman physical prowess, dimensional travel, and portal creation. It proves how good Blast is as a hero.

And because his rank is so high in the Hero Association, only selected members can talk to him. So, not everyone has the chance to see him because he is also busy collecting the Mysterious Cubes.

3. Tatsumaki (Tornado of Terror)

Strongest Female Characters in One Punch Man

Right after Blast, there is another S-ranker in the association. She is Tatsumaki, one of the strongest female characters in One Punch Man. Her ability is psychokinesis, which is why she is that powerful. Even though her physics is petite, her strength is unbelievably strong.

Tatsumaki hates incompetent people. It is because she is competent as a hero.

4. Bang (Silver Fang)

Most Powerful Heroes In One Punch Ma

The next one on the list is Bang, which people have also known as Silver Fang. He is an S-ranker hero and one of the most powerful heroes in One Punch Man, right after Blast and Tatsumaki. However, he is probably the best when it comes to martial arts. It is one of Bang’s specialties.

Aside from being good at martial arts, Bang is also well-grounded in the ethics of heroism.

5. Kamikaze (Atomic Samurai)

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man

Then, there is another rank S One Punch Man hero. He is Kamikaze, who is also known as Atomic Samurai. He is definitely always in a higher position on every One Punch Man power tier list.

It is because of his remarkable ability in swordsmanship. It is the reason why he also teaches so many heroes about it.


5 Strongest Villains

Aside from the heroes, the villains also have an important role in One Punch Man. Even some of them hold so much strength and power. Here are the ranks of the most powerful villains in One Punch Man!

1. Boros (Dominator of the Universe)

Strongest Villains In One Punch Man

Who deserves to enter the first position on the list is Boros. He is one of the strongest villains in One Punch Man. People also know him as the Dominator of the Universe. He can fly, regenerate, be transformative, and project energy. It proves how powerful he is as a villain.

Boros is an alien and the captain of the Dark Matter Thieves. His goal is to invade A-City. Honestly, Boros and Saitama are the same. They are bored because no one can match their power.

2. Garou (Hero Hunter)

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man

The next villain is Garou, or people also know him as Hero Hunter. It is because he has a bad sentiment towards the heroes. So, he wants to end all of them. It is because he was expelled as one of Bang’s students.

Because he used to learn from Bang, Garou has excellent martial arts skills. It makes him more dangerous than he already is. The association even sees him as a threat because he is that powerful.

3. Psykos Orochi

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man 8

Then, there is Psykos and Orochi. Psykos is the leader of the Monster Association. She is a manipulative and cunning scientist. Aside from that, she is also intelligent and very powerful. She was already strong when she was alone. But then, after her defeat from Saitama, she merged with Orochi.

Together, they became a very dangerous villain. It is because Orochi’s abilities are extraordinary. . He has elasticity, can fly, do a transformation, fire manipulation, and regenerate.

4. Elder Centipede

Strongest Monsters In One Punch Man

Then there is Elder Centipede, one of the strongest monsters in One Punch Man. He is strong enough to avoid getting killed by Blast. So, two years later, he came back to take revenge. He came back stronger than the last time. He was able to defeat multiple heroes at once. His appearance also appears to be bigger.

The Elder Centipede was able to cause heavy destruction in the city. However, later he died in Saitama’s hands.

5. Gouketsu

Strongest Characters in One Punch Man 10

Last but not least, there is Gouketsu. His body was so fit and muscular when he was a human. Then, his body grew even bigger after he became a mysterious being. So, it is not surprising if he is physically stronger than most of the characters in the story.

Gouketsu is extremely strong. He was even able to defeat multiple heroes.

So, those are the ranks of the strongest characters in One Punch Man. However, if there is any difference of opinion regarding this rank, it is understandable. Because this is subjective, everyone might have different standards to determine who is the strongest in this story.

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