Top 10 Famous Celebrities with Unibrows

Here are the top 10 lists of male and female celebrities with Unibrows. Their appearance looks totally rock. Check them out!

Celebrities with Unibrows

Top 10 Famous Celebrities with Unibrows

Unibrow is one of a few fashion trends that was happening in the past and started to trend again lately. Not only among ordinary people, but several top celebrities are also following the unibrow fashion trend.

Some have natural unibrows, and some have made artificial ones because of this trend. Then, who has the most famous unibrow? Here are the lists of well-known celebrities that are famous for their fabulous unibrow. From Hollywood stars, NBA stars, Bollywood stars, and even some well-known models!

1. Yara Shahidi

Female Celebrities with Unibrows

First, there is Yara Shahidi as one of a few female celebrities with unibrows. The actress who plays in the movie “The Sun is Also a Star” is a public figure who brought back the unibrow trend. It is her natural eyebrows, and she honestly looks so gorgeous with them.

Her eye make-up also complements the unibrow and makes it look more attractive. The thick and sharp black eyeliner that Yara Shahidi wears matches her eyebrows. It fits her and looks good on her.

2. Kajol Devgan

Celebrities with Unibrows 2

If you want to know, what actress has a unibrow? Then one of the answers is Kajol Devgan. The Bollywood star is well known because of her natural beauty. Her unibrow also complements the beauty of this Bollywood actress and makes her look more attractive.

The unibrow looks so good on her. It matches perfectly with her beautiful eyes and gives her a strong aura. Kajol Devgan is one of the reasons why many women want to have a unibrow. Well, she is the trendsetter in Bollywood for a reason.

3. Sophia Hadjipanteli

Celebrities with Unibrows 3

Then, there is Sophia Hajipanteli, the top model that is famous for her very prominent unibrow. Her unibrow is so thick and she does not think about how to get rid of it. And honestly, this sounds so great because she perfectly looks good with the unibrow.

So, if you think about how to get rid of a unibrow, you should think about it again. It is because a unibrow is rare, and you will look different with it, just like Sophia Hajipanteli, who seems very confident with her unibrow.

4. Lily Collins

Female Celebrities with Unibrows

Aside from the lists above, Lily Collins also has a unibrow. Sometimes, the unibrow is not that prominent. But, at other times, you can see her unibrow, which looks so great on her. Honestly, the top star looks more than attractive with her unibrow.

Based on unibrow astrology, her unibrow is considered good luck. And more importantly, Lily Collins looks so perfect and gorgeous with it.


5. Timothée Chalamet

Celebrities with Unibrows 5

Then, Timothée Chalamet is one of a few male celebrities with the unibrow. The top star famous for his character in the movie “Call Me by Your Name” is also famous for his gorgeous eyebrows. Sometimes, he highlights his unibrow for photo shoots, which looks so good.

Not only his unibrow but his thick eyebrows also make him look more attractive. So, it is no wonder that Timothée Chalamet became one of the most popular top stars these days.

6. Anthony Davis

Athlete with Unibrows

Next is Anthony Davis, an NBA star famous for his prominent unibrow. If you want to know, is it attractive to have a unibrow? Then the answer is yes. For example, look at Anthony Davis. He is very attractive, and his unibrow makes him look gorgeous.

7. Zayn Malik

Male Celebrities with Unibrows

The next celebrity who has a natural unibrow is Zayn Malik. His unibrow maybe not be as prominent as others. However, his thin unibrow looks good on him, especially when this former One Direction member appeared with a thin mustache and beard.

Sometimes, his unibrow looks more prominent when he is attending an event or when he is doing a photo shoot. And honestly, Zayn Malik seems so gorgeous with his little unibrow.

8. Rihanna

Female Celebrities with Unibrows

Then, there is Rihanna, one of the most famous celebrities who often follow the trends of a unibrow. Most of the time, you can see a prominent unibrow when she is performing, attending an event, or doing a photo shoot for her album, especially when she was promoting her song Kiss It Better.

So, what type of eyebrows are attractive if you want to know? Then one of the answers is the unibrow one. For example, look at how gorgeous Rihanna is with it.

9. Josh Hartnett

Handsome Men with Unibrows

Next, there is also Josh Hartnett, famous for his gorgeous unibrow. Even though his unibrow looks more prominent in his teen years, he also has it now. The unibrow that the actor has makes him more attractive. Hence, he was so popular back then and is still popular now.

Somehow, his eyebrows make him look sexier. It makes him one of his generation’s most handsome men, even now.

10. Taylor Hill

Celebrities with Unibrows 10

Then, there is Taylor Hill, one of the supermodels who looks so beautiful with her unibrow. Sometimes, you can see her prominent unibrow while taking a photo shoot. Besides, you also can see it when Taylor Hill attends an event. With her big doe eyes, her unibrow looks so gorgeous on her. With her big doe eyes, the unibrow that she has looks so gorgeous on her.

Basically, Taylor Hill is already very attractive. Then, the unibrow that she has complements her appearance and makes her look more beautiful.

So, those are the lists of celebrities with unibrows that you need to know. As you already know, having a natural unibrow is rare, so you must embrace it and be confident. Just like the celebrities whose names are included in this list who are proud of their unibrows.

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